What are the Various ways to Open EML Files in Windows?

postingpanel: Many users use EML files, and many of them open them in different ways. Therefore, in this article, we will show you various ways to open EML files in Windows, with their advantages and disadvantages.

When a user downloads an email, the email is saved in EML format. In other words, EML files are a file format that stores one email per file on your computer without affecting meta properties. That’s why it’s a common format users use to save their emails. EML files are used in various email programs, such as Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. Also, there are different methods to open EML files.

Different Ways to Open EML Files in Windows

Following is a list of the methods that can open EML files.

  • Using an email client: although there are many email programs that can open EML files, here we use Windows Live Mail to open them. Because it only runs on Windows.
  • Opening EML files in a web browser: if you don’t want to use an email client to open EML files, you can open them in your browser. For this, you have to convert EML files into MHT format.
  • View EML files as simple text: this method only displays the content of the email. Here, we open an EML file in the Notepad application.
  • Third-party tool: this is a good method to open EML files. In this case, we used software to convert the files and open them in Outlook. So, that user is able to import the files without any difficulty.

So, these are the different methods to open EML files. We will explain them one by one.

Use Windows Live Mail to Open EML Files in Windows

Windows Live Mail is a free email application only for Windows systems. The program was developed by Microsoft and is suitable for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Windows Live Mail used EML files to store the emails. Therefore, it is a free and easy way to open EML files in Windows.

  1. First, open the Windows Live Mail application and click on the File tab.
  2. Select Import messages, then click on the Windows Live Mail program. After that, click the Next button.
  3. then, select the folder which contains EML files and click Next.

Web Browser Ways to Open EML Files in Windows

If you don’t want to open EML files without using email programs, then you can use this method. Here, we convert EML files into HTML, which you can easily access.

  1. Before converting your file, first find your EML files.
  2. Right-click the files and select the Rename option from the drop down list.
  3. Change .eml into .mht at the end of the file name.
  4. Click on Yes to confirm the changes.

Your file is now in HTML; double-click the files to view them.

View EML Files in the Notepad Application

It is a simple way to open EML files in Windows. This method will only view the content of the body, and attachments or other properties will not be displayed.

  1. Search for EML files you want to open. Right-click EML file and select Open with.
  2. Select the Notepad option. You can also open EML files in Microsoft Word with the same steps.
  3. Notepad will show your EML file in coding format.
  4. Find the <body> and <html> tags to view the body content of your files.

Limitations of Manual Methods

Before going to the last method, let’s note some drawbacks to these manual methods. These ways to open EML files in Windows are free to use; however, there are some flaws that can bother you.

  • The first limitation is that these methods do not import multiple EML files on Windows. That’s why it is time-consuming.
  • There are chances of losing your attachment during the process.
  • These are not secure ways to open EML files in Windows. As there is a chance of your file being corrupted.

That’s why these methods are not a good choice to open EML files. But you need not worry; there is another way to open EML files in Windows, that overcomes these drawbacks.

Open EML Files on Windows using a third-party tool

Manual methods are not reliable ways to open EML files in Windows. That’s why we use SysTools software, which converts EML files to PST format without any difficulty. This tool is free to download and provides amazing features to help users.

Features of Software

  • The first feature is that users can convert bulk EML files into PST file with attachments.
  • Preview your EML files before converting them.
  • It allows users to split their resulting PST file into multiple files.
  • The software used in both Windows and Mac systems
  • Using this software helps to maintain the on-disk folder hierarchy of the files.

Steps to Convert EML into PST File

  1. First, download and launch the software. After that, open it.
  2. Search your EML folder from the list of folders on the left side of the screen.
  3. Preview your EML files in HEX, MIME, HTML, attachments, properties, and other forms.
  4. Now, there are two options for exporting EML files. Either click the Export option at the top to convert all the files. Or select the EML files you want and click on the Export Selected option.
  5. Select PST as the export type. Click on Advance Settings.
  6. You can click the Split PST files option or export the selected files by Date filter option. Click on Save button.
  7. Click on the Browse button to provide a location in which you store.
  8. After that, click on Create Separate PST for Each Folder and then Export.

After converting the files, they are now ready to be opened in Outlook. Import the converted PST file into Outlook, and you will be able to view your data easily. You can also use SysTools EML converter software to convert EML files in other file formats.


There are several ways to open EML files in Windows. You can use Windows Live Mail to import the files. Web browsers can also open EML files or view EML files in Notepad. All these methods are free, but there are some limitations that can become hindrances in the work. Therefore, the third-party tool is the best method, as it converts multiple EML files quickly and is a safe way to open EML files in Windows.

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