Should I Have to Read All of the NCERT Books?

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) plays a significant role in shaping the education system in India. Its textbooks are widely used in schools across the country and are considered an essential resource for students. However, one common question that arises among students and parents is whether it is necessary to read all of the NCERT books. In this blog, we will delve into the importance of NCERT books and explore the benefits of using NCERT Solutions for Class 7 to enhance the learning experience.

1. Understanding the Significance of NCERT Books

NCERT books are designed with careful consideration of the academic curriculum and aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of various subjects. They are written by subject matter experts and undergo rigorous review processes before being published. The following points highlight the significance of NCERT books:

1.1 Standardized Content NCERT books ensure standardization in education across the country. They follow a consistent syllabus, making it easier for students to transition from one state to another without facing major discrepancies in their studies.

1.2 Clear and Concise Language The language used in NCERT books is simple, clear, and concise, making it accessible to a wide range of students. This approach helps students grasp complex concepts more easily.

1.3 Strong Foundation NCERT books provide a strong foundation for competitive exams and higher education. Many questions in competitive exams are directly based on concepts covered in NCERT books.

1.4 Conceptual Clarity The books focus on building conceptual clarity rather than rote learning. This approach fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students.

2. The Dilemma: Reading All NCERT Books

With a plethora of subjects and chapters, students and parents often wonder if it is necessary to read every single page of each NCERT book. Here are some points to consider:

2.1 Time Constraints Students have a limited amount of time to study, and the extensive content in NCERT books can be overwhelming, especially when combined with other study materials.

2.2 Subject Relevance Depending on their stream and interests, some chapters in NCERT books may not be directly relevant to a student’s chosen career path.

2.3 Learning Style Different students have different learning styles. While some may benefit from reading the entire book, others might prefer a more selective approach.

2.4 Supplementary Study Material Apart from NCERT books, schools, and coaching institutes often recommend additional study materials, creating confusion about where to focus efforts.

3. Introducing NCERT Solutions for Class 7

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 is a set of comprehensive and well-structured answers to the questions and exercises provided in NCERT textbooks. They are designed to help students understand complex topics, practice problem-solving, and prepare effectively for exams. Here’s why NCERT Solutions are an invaluable resource:

3.1 Concept Clarity All questions are answered in great detail by NCERT Solutions, which also includes step-by-step instructions. They help students grasp the underlying concepts and build a strong foundation for advanced learning.

3.2 Time Management For students facing time constraints, NCERT Solutions offer a structured approach to learning. By focusing on relevant chapters and exercises, they can manage their time more efficiently.

3.3 Exam Preparation NCERT Solutions serve as an excellent tool for exam preparation. By solving a wide range of questions, students can gauge their understanding and identify areas that require further attention.

3.4 Self-Assessment With NCERT Solutions, students can evaluate their progress independently. Regular self-assessment is crucial for identifying strengths and weaknesses in their understanding of various topics.

4. Advantages of Using NCERT Solutions for Class 7

4.1 Complementing Classroom Learning NCERT Solutions act as an extension of classroom learning. They reinforce what students have learned in school and provide additional explanations when needed.

4.2 Support for Difficult Topics Some topics in NCERT books may be challenging for students to grasp. NCERT Solutions break down these complex concepts into simpler explanations, making learning more accessible.

4.3 Practice Makes Perfect Practice is essential for academic success. NCERT Solutions offer a wide range of exercises and questions for students to practice, helping them gain confidence in the subject matter.

4.4 Understanding Question Patterns NCERT Solutions often include solutions to previous years’ question papers, allowing students to familiarize themselves with the exam pattern and marking scheme.

4.5 Self-Paced Learning Students can study at their own pace with NCERT Solutions. They can revisit topics as many times as needed until they achieve a thorough understanding.

5. How to Make the Most of NCERT Solutions for Class 7

5.1 Regular Practice Consistent practice is the key to success. Students should allocate time each day to solve exercises from NCERT Solutions to reinforce their understanding.

5.2 Seek Help when Needed If a student faces difficulties or doubts while using NCERT Solutions, they should not hesitate to seek help from teachers, parents, or online platforms that offer academic support.

5.3 Combine with Other Study Material While NCERT Solutions are comprehensive, students can also refer to other reference books and online resources to gain a broader perspective on certain topics.

5.4 Revise and Review Periodic revision of concepts is vital. Students should revise previously covered topics and periodically review their progress to identify areas that need improvement.


While reading all NCERT books can be beneficial, it may not be feasible for every student due to time constraints and subject relevance. NCERT Solutions for Class 7 come to the rescue by providing a structured and comprehensive approach to learning, helping students build a strong foundation and excel in their academic journey. By using NCERT Solutions alongside their regular studies, students can gain conceptual clarity, practice problem-solving, and prepare effectively for exams, ensuring a successful educational experience.

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