ICSI Success Stories

ICSI Success Stories

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is a refined form of In-vitro Fertilization (IVF). In ICSI, a single healthy sperm is injected directly to the cytoplasm of the matured eggs. It increases the chance of successful fertilization as it eliminates the need for sperm to penetrate the egg for fertilization. And bypasses any potential barrier the sperm may face in penetration.

It is traumatising for a person to know that he/she is unable to conceive due to fertility issues. Infertility is not curable and can only be treated through various treatments. Undergoing infertility treatments can be physically, mentally and emotionally overwhelming and challenging. Some people seek these treatments with the hope to achieve successful results.

This is not true at all. ICSI success stories help people know about the ground realities of the treatment and assist them in forming a realistic approach towards it. Although,  ICSI has great rate of successful fertilisation but its rate of live birth is very much similar to that of conventional IVF.

ICSI success stories give ample knowledge about the procedure and its ups and downs which help couples in preparing for it mentally and financially beforehand.  Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre has performed vast number of ICSI procedures successfully.

Being the most successful infertility clinic in the country. It becomes difficult for us to keep a record of all the success stories but we try to document all of our success stories. Numerous over aged couples has achieved pregnancy. And live birth through our treatment and many couples has given birth after 10+ years of infertility.

Maybe one of the most thrilling moments in a couple’s life is the capstone of a healthy gestation when they can hold their invigorated baby for the first time. still, for numerous couples, this process doesn’t come fluently. The Best IVF Center in Multan is helping couples, for whom generality, gestation, and parturition have come to a long and painful process, to realize their dream.

There are numerous possible Best IVF centers in Multan causes of fertility problems. And in each situation there are couples where Craniosacral Therapy( CST) has enhanced. And rounded the fertility process, making it hastily, more effective and reducing stress and pain. This applies to couples who going through a medical fertility program. As well as those who have chosen to use other styles to help them.
— How does ICSI work?–

Our treatment focuses on releasing physical stresses and pressures or lesions in the subcaste of towel called ICSI which surrounds all of your organs and your nervous system. These pressures can reduce the effectiveness of your jitters which are the main channel for passing information around your body. The cost of IVF in Pakistan restrictions can also affect the hormonal system which is of central significance to the timing and conservation of gestation.

As Best IVF Center in Multan also surrounds internal organs, including the womb. Pressures than can reduce their function or capability to heal. Or acclimatize to the changes that do during gestation. Fascia can come stress due to ails, injury surgery or inflammation in the body. And this is a response of the body in order to cover itself from farther injury.The cost of IVF in Pakistan is calming and gentle. It enhances your body’s capacities to serve duly, greatly reduces the pressures in the fascial layers of your body. And rebalances your hormonal and nervous systems to allow them to serve at their stylish.

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