How To Get More Spotify Plays In 2022 ( 15 Tips)

Spotify is one the largest players inside the modern this one track enterprise. So, having a big fanbase on the platform can virtually assist your fulfillment as an indie artist.

However, the world of Spotify remains shrouded in this one.
mystery and lots of artists battle identifying how to get greater performs and build an target audience.

Unfortunately, there’s no mystery hack as a way to come up with immediately success on Spotify overnight. But, there are a number of methods you may make use of to ensure your track reaches as many humans as feasible.

In this guide, we’re going to break down what those tactics are and the way you can utilize them to locate success on your style.

  • Here are our top 15 guidelines on a way to get extra Spotify plays in 2020:
  • Write Great Songs
  • Make Your Music Is As Good (or Better) Than Everything Out There
  • Get Your Music On Spotify
  • Claim Your Profile on Spotify For Artists
  • Promote With Social Media
  • Include It On Your Website
  • Release Consistent Content
  • Utilize Pre-Saving
  • Submit To Spotify Curated Playlists
  • Approach Independent Playlist Curators
  • Make Your Own Playlists
  • Utilize Spotify Ad Studio
  • Make Sure You’re On Shazam
  • Promote Your Music In Other Avenues
  • Be Patient
  1. Write Great Songs

Just like every other medium, whether it’s radio, TV, physical sales or live suggests, the tune you’re placing available performs the most important function in its achievement.

This is mainly actual on the subject of streaming offerings. The industry is so saturated with song that you need something as a way to clutch the listeners attention as soon as it comes on.

Believe it or no longer, there are virtually formulas humans follow while writing a song to make certain its achievement charge. Check out our article on The Hit Songwriting Formula for greater on this. Regardless of whether you’re trying to write a pop tune or now not, many of those rules follow to all genres.

If you haven’t written many songs before and are simply starting out, test out our guide on thirteen Steps to Writing a Song

We can’t pressure sufficient how critical it’s miles to spend time on the writing system. If you don’t and all of the music you released on Spotify is subpar, you’ll have a tough time looking to get greater performs

  1. Make Your Music Is As Good (or Better) Than Everything Out There

Once you have a well-written music, the following step is to make sure it’s properly recorded. Once again, there’s a lot music on Spotify, so having a professional sounding recording can handiest growth your possibilities of having greater performs.

Label artists have massive budgets which permit them to enter highly-priced studios and file their songs. Independent artists don’t have that sort of investment however that doesn’t make it impossible to get business grade recordings of your songs.

The upward push of on-line recording studios has introduced high quit recordings to the indie artist at an inexpensive rate.

At Sundown Sessions Studio, we pair artists up with Grammy and JUNO prevailing musicians and engineers from round the arena. Check out our pricing and applications page for extra information.

Our manual on How and Where To Record a Song is also full of recommendation on what the recording system includes.

  1. Get Your Music On Spotify

So, you’ve written a terrific music and you’ve got an extremely good recording of it, what’s subsequent? This subsequent step may also appear

to be a no brainer but many artists don’t understand how to move approximately making their song to be had on Spotify.

The secret to releasing your tune on any streaming provider is what’s called a virtual distributor. They act as the middle-guy connecting artists to platforms inclusive of Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Two of the biggest digital vendors out there are DistroKid and CD Baby. However, there are lots of different distributors out there as properly, each with their personal unique capabilities and advantages

After you’ve were given your music on Spotify, the real work can start in constructing a fanbase and getting plays.

Four. Claim Your Profile on Spotify For Artists

Claiming your Spotify profile thru Spotify For Artists is extraordinarily crucial in case you want to make the maximum of this platform

Doing so permits you to personalize your artist page on Spotify with things like images, a bio and upcoming concerts.

It additionally gives you get entry to to a whole variety of gear that you wouldn’t be capable of get admission to in any other case.

This consists of the capacity to put up to playlists or get right of entry to analytic equipment that display you just how many plays you’ve been getting on Spotify, where they’re coming from, and lots extra.

It also offers your account a blue “Verified Artist” checkmark, which adds a further contact of legitimacy in your Spotify profile.

Check out the video underneath for a extra extensive look at the way to claim your profile with Spotify For Artists.

Five. Promote With Social Media

Social Media on Tablet

Spotify and social media cross hand in hand in terms of constructing a fanbase. Letting your social media followers recognize in which they could locate your music on Spotify has a huge impact on the subject of getting greater plays.

Thankfully, Spotify has lots of equipment that make it clean for artists and fanatics to percentage their song on their social platforms. Possibly the first-rate of those is the “Share To Instagram Stories” characteristic.

This permits you to create a story with the cover art from your music or playlist on Instagram. Fans can faucet the artwork to be taken directly to it on Spotify.

The video beneath has a few wonderful suggestions on how to make use of this tool to its complete quantity.

There are comparable capabilities available for Snapchat and Facebook Stories, in addition to the ability to share links on sites inclusive of Twitter or Facebook.

  1. Include It On Your Website

In addition to social media tools, Spotify also offers some of gear you could make use of to get extra plays out of your internet site.

The first well worth noting is the ability to embed a music, album or playlist into your web site. This allows users who are subscribed to Spotify to stream your music without delay out of your website.

If they don’t use Spotify, it’ll still allow them to play a thirty 2d demo of the tune and provide them the choice to sign up and concentrate to the whole lot.

The video underneath shows how to discover the HTML code on Spotify and without difficulty embed it in your internet site.

 Eight. Utilize Pre-Saving

Pre-saving is Spotify’s version of pre-ordering track and although it is able to appear inappropriate at the beginning, it performs a huge role in assisting you get more streams.

The more fans who play your song or save it to their library as quickly because it’s released, the higher the song does in Spotify’s algorithms.

When a fan pre-saves a track to their library it robotically adds it to their library once it’s out, encouraging them to circulate it right away.

This absolutely allows your song’s possibilities of getting featured in playlists or radio stations. The difficult element is getting fans to pre-shop your tune earlier than it’s out.

The quality manner to head approximately that is to begin building a marketing campaign around it lengthy before it’s release day.

If you may deliver fanatics some type of a praise for pre-saving the track, inclusive of an entry in a competition, that’s even higher. There are several structures accessible including Show.Co which make setting this up simpler.

  1. Submit To Spotify Curated Playlists

Playlists are a huge player in growing the wide variety of streams your song gets on Spotify. There are 3 important approaches to make use of playlists in your advantage that we’re going to delve into in the next 3 steps.

The first of those is to get your music located on one in every of Spotify’s official curated playlists. You can post songs for consideration via the Spotify for Artists platform if you achieve this seven days earlier than a music’s release.

The first-rate vicinity to analyze extra approximately this procedure is from Spotify themselves. This article they’ve posted on the topic is an super resource.

One issue to hold in mind whilst submitting your music is which you are up towards hundreds of hundreds of different songs. So, it is able to be very difficult to get your music positioned on playlists of this stage

That being stated, if you don’t submit at all there’s zero danger you’ll get it positioned. So, it’s better to post and hope for the best than to do not anything at all.

  1. Approach Independent Playlist Curators

The subsequent high-quality aspect to getting your tune on an legitimate Spotify playlist is having it featured in an independent playlist with lots of fans.

Anyone can create playlists on Spotify, which means there are actually thousands of independent curators looking for new track everyday.

There are services out there which include SubmitHub, Daily Playlists or Playlist Push that act as a intermediary, connecting artists to curators.

Because of this, drawing close impartial playlist curators is probably one of the only methods to get extra plays on Spotify.

Eleven. Make Your Own Playlists

The one manner to assure your tune makes it into playlists is to make the playlists yourself. Although you can no longer amass a ton of streams before everything, you can slowly building up a following for your playlists over the years

Creating playlists is also a wonderful way to engage with contemporary fans and deliver them some thing to share with their buddies. You could make playlists

of tune that relate to your style, songs you want or tracks which might be inspiring your upcoming challenge. Be positive to discover

a manner to work on your own tune so that it gets streamed whenever someone listens for your playlist.

  1. Utilize Spotify Ad Studio

The Spotify Ad Studio is exceedingly new to the music scene however it may prove to be a beneficial tool in supporting artists build a fanbase and get extra performs.

It allows people and companies to create the audio commercials that play in between songs on customers with unfastened subscriptions.

This is an outstanding way to directly reach your target demographic in a place they could effortlessly access your tune.

The disadvantage to this device is that it is able to be a reasonably massive funding to get began as their minimum budget for an commercial campaign is presently $250.

However, if you have a few money to spend money on advertisements, this will be the right area to achieve this.

Thirteen. Make Sure You’re On Shazam

Shazam is a tool that allows customers to find out the call of a tune they hear at the radio, in a TV show or everywhere else.

It listens to the track and affords the consumer with data at the tune and a link to in which they could movement it.

The simplest manner to do this is thru a tune distributor. Most essential song vendors deliver artists the option to feature their tune to the Shazam database.

If this is a tool you propose to make use of, be sure your distributor gives it before releasing tune with them.

  1. Promote Your Music In Other Avenues


Try not to field yourself in with regards to considering ways to get greater plays on Spotify.

When appearing live be sure to invite humans to comply with you on Spotify, method blogs and PR retailers to sell your releases, get your songs on the radio and inform your friends in individual. For extra recommendations in this regard check out our manual to song advertising and marketing and music promotion.

  1. Be Patient


As we’ve already mentioned, there’s no secret with a view to guarantee you get more plays on Spotify, Apple Music or some other streaming service.

As with any other component of the song industry, the maximum you can do is take the best approach possible and wait to see what takes place.

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