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What Kind Of Flooring Is Best For Bathroom To Remodel?

Choosing flooring options for your bathrooms is of great concern. All homeowners want long-lasting and charming materials well-suited for their lifestyles. However, the flooring of bathrooms and other spaces  is a bit different. The bathroom surfaces of your houses must be water-resistant. Therefore, keeping your bathrooms water-repellent must be kept in mind. Tiling Perth Services are here to provide you with information about one of the best flooring options to remodel your bathrooms.

Best Flooring Option To Be Chosen For Bathrooms

The information about which flooring options to choose for your bathrooms is as given below:

  • Ceramic and Porcelain tile

These are considered the best tiles to remodel your bathrooms. It is because they are affordable, water-repellent, and look like natural wood. Ceramics and porcelain have similar compositions. But porcelain is less porous and reliable than ceramic. 

  • Concrete

Usually, homes with slab foundations have concrete bathroom floors. You can dye, paint, stamp or polish the concrete slab. It is done to make sleek that fits best with modern aesthetics. The concrete tiles are cost-effective. But they can be extremely slippery if they are not finished properly.

  • Natural Stone

The natural stone looks luxurious but what about durability? It is not fully water-proof and is a bit pricey. They sometimes feel cold to touch like ceramic and porcelain. But underfloor heating can be applied to get rid of this problem. Furthermore, it is considered a slippery material to consider.

  • Cork Flooring

It is best to consider cork as a flooring option if you love sustainability. There are also some glorious-looking grain patterns on the cork. It will be better if you reseal cork every two years. It will make it moisture-free. 

  • Vinyl

Vinyl has gained a lot of popularity in the past decade. It is due to its easy installation method, affordable pricing, and waterproof ability. It is made up of SPC and WPC. WPC is better as it is durable, more flexible, and thicker than SPC. People mostly confuse vinyl with laminate. There is a wood-base chip in the laminar that makes it the worst flooring material for your bathrooms. 

  • Engineered wood

We all know water and wood do not mix. There is a Poly wood base in the engineered wood that is considered good against water. But it is prone to damage. It is also not good for homeowners with low budgets.

Facts to remember While Bathroom Renovation ?

The most important things that you should keep in mind to choose flooring options are;

  • Installation

Using a DIY bathroom floor installation is affordable. But it requires removal and reinstalling of a toilet, and careful attention to remodeling a bathroom. Before performing the job yourself, it is better you are up to the task first. 

  • Maintenance

It is better to ask about maintenance when you visit a shop for flooring. It is because some kinds of flooring such as textured stone need much more maintenance than luxury vinyl. 

  • Cost

Do you want a professionally installed floor? But on a low budget? So, it is better to consult a contractor first to provide you with low-budget options. 

  • Safety

It is dangerous to have slippery bathroom floors. For example, glazed ceramic tiles are considered one of the most slippery tiles. Textured porcelain is considered the best option to consider here. 

To conclude:

There is not any need to feel limited in case of finding the best bathroom flooring options. Remember different skilled experts at Tilers Perth are here to assist you in choosing the best bathroom floor options.

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