Advantages of shikaki powder for hair and uses

The Advantages of Shikakai Powder for Hair and How to Use It

What is Shikakai Powder?

Shikakai, also known as Shika in Tamil, Seekaaya in Telugu, and Soap pod in English, is a highly effective ayurvedic treatment for healthy, long hair. Shikakai powder is a natural product that can help you to get rid of dandruff and make your hair stronger. It has been used in Japan for centuries. The pods, leaves, and bark of the Shikakai tree are high in vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. They may be used to clean hair, produce hair oil, and even manufacture hair masks to nourish and speed up hair growth. It also contains vitamins that aid in hair development.

Shikakai encourages hair growth, decreases hair loss and breakage, and adds bounce and gloss to the hair. Shikakai is also used in many Ayurvedic shampoos and soaps, and its bark has a high concentration of saponins, which act as a foaming agent in many shampoos. Saponins are a mild cleansing agent that helps to keep the scalp clean and healthy.

Shikakai fruit pods are sun-dried and ground into powder. To make a hair-washing paste, mix shikakai powder with water and add herbs like amla and reetha powder. Shikakai powder is frequently used to treat several hair and scalp conditions. Shikakai, which has cleaning and antibacterial properties, can be taken alone or in combination with reetha and amla to help reduce hair loss and prevent dandruff. It gives shine to the hair and prevents greying.


The Advantages of Shikakai Powder for Hair and How to Use It?

Shikakai powders are used as an effective treatment for dandruff because it contains natural ingredients that help to reduce itching and dryness. It also helps to improve blood circulation and stimulate hair follicles.

1. Adds shine and softness

Shikakai’s vital nutrients and natural components are particularly effective in enhancing the texture of hair in the winter. As a natural surfactant, it washes the hair follicles, reduces greasiness, and softens and shines the hair.

How to use Shikakai Powder for Hair shine and softness?

Ingredients :

1. 2-3 tbsp shikakai powder

2. 2 cups of water

3. Honey


Method :

1. Boil 2-3 tbsp of shikakai powder in 2 cups of water.

2. Make a semi-liquid paste.

3. Add some more water and honey.

4. Apply this paste and rinse your hair with water.

5. Try this remedy twice a week to flaunt gorgeous shiny hair.


2. Fights dandruff And Hair Lice

Shikakai’s robust antifungal and anti-microbial properties, much to our relief, play an important part in eradicating dandruff and lice from the scalp and hair, respectively. It efficiently eliminates dandruff without stripping away the natural oils from the scalp, preventing dry scalp conditions that lead to flaking and dandruff. So, say goodbye to those pesky white flakes on your scalp and shoulders, as well as the continual itching and clumsiness caused by hair lice.

How to use Shikakai Powder for dandruff And Hair Lice?

Ingredients :

1. Shikakai Powder

2. Half a lemon


Method :

1. Boil shikakai powder in water.

2. Squeeze half a lemon in it.

3. Apply this and rinse your hair with water

4. Try this remedy regularly to get relief from dandruff and lice.


3. Gives you stronger, thicker hair

We all want hair that is healthy, shiny, and powerful. Shikakai powder’s active components supply the vital oils and vitamins required for hair development. It is quite important in restoring hair luster and length. It fortifies the hair from the roots and prevents split ends, breakage, and hair loss.

How to use Shikakai Powder for stronger, thicker hair?

Ingredients :

 1. Shikakai Powder

2. Fresh Yogurt


Method :

1. Take 1/2 tbsp Shikakai Powder

2. Mix Shikakai Powder with fresh yogurt

3. Apply to hair and scalp.

4. Remain it for 20-30 minutes

5. Rinse with cold water

6. Regular usage provides a stronger and thicker mane.


3. Slows Down Greying hair

Grey hairs are distressing because they reveal your age, and many young people are suffering from premature greying these days. Shikakai not only prevents premature greying but also keeps black hair looking young.

How to use Shikakai Powder for hair Greying?

Ingredients :

1. Shikakai Powder

2. Amla powder

3. Soapnut powder (Indian soap berries)


Method :

1. Take 1/2 tbsp Shikakai Powder

2. Mix Shikakai Powder with the same amount of Amla powder and Soapnut powder in water.

3. Apply to hair and scalp

4. Rinse with cold water after 20-30 minutes

5. Apply this hair pack once a week to get marked results.


Other Benefits of Using Shikakai Powder for Hair

Soothes Scalp

Shikakai, when combined with significant anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial characteristics, provides a relaxing and calming remedy for irritated and infected scalps. It maintains the health of the hair and gives an infection-free scalp for good hair development by maintaining the appropriate pH level of the scalp.

Prevents Hair Loss

Like clogged skin pores, the pores of the scalp frequently become clogged owing to the deposition of dirt, oil, and dust particles. This inhibits smooth blood circulation in the scalp, causing hair to become weak and fall out. Shikakai is the ultimate answer for hair lovers looking to reduce hair fall. Shikakai improves scalp health and hair development by avoiding infections, lice, dandruff, follicle blockage, and itching.

Hair Follicles are Nourished

The abundant antioxidants and Vitamin C in soap nut powder stimulate collagen formation in the scalp. It also protects the hair from free radical damage, slowing greying and supporting healthy hair growth.

Hair and Scalp Cleansing

Shikakai, or soap nut, is a natural cleaner that cleans the scalp and hair without washing away the natural oils. The conditioning property not only maintains the hair smooth and silky but also eliminates the hair’s undesirable soggy odor.

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