Digital Promotion Strategies For Brands During Festive Season

Digital marketing is redefining growth for brands across a variety of industries globally as the world adjusts to the new way of doing things! Brands were well on their way to integrating digital strategies into their growth strategy before the COVID-19 problem.(promotion strategy)

Since users who were previously confined to their homes have discovered a delicious escape online, the pandemic has proven to be a driver for this transition. As a result, with the implementation of COVID-19, consumer behaviour has undergone significant change. Forbes estimates that during the pandemic, internet hits have increased by 50–70%. Internet usage has climbed by 11% among consumers in the 35 to 44 age group and by 5-7% among millennials.

Consumers connect with businesses 60% online and 40% offline, according to a global research by Salesforce Inc. Due to the pandemic, 88% of consumers expect brands to speed up their digital operations, and 83% anticipate merchants to offer flexible choices for shipping and fulfilment, such as buy-online-pick-up-in-store. According to 68% of respondents, COVID-19 raised their expectations of firms’ digital prowess.

These statistics have forced brands to change considerably more quickly. We’re currently submerged in a sea of digital developments.

The holiday season is almost approaching. The public is prepared to invest both time and money online. Popular platforms are seeing increases in the number of sessions per user each week, including Facebook (+18%), Instagram (+20%), and WhatsApp (+17%). (Nielsen Report). For firms that have battled through 2020, digital marketing during the holiday season offers a glimmer of optimism. They must take advantage of this chance to enter the market once more.

How can brands use seasonal marketing strategies to transition from existing to succeeding? Let’s look at some digital marketing strategies that firms might use for the upcoming holiday season:

1. Produce all types of holiday content:(promotion strategy)

The most obvious and important tactic of them all is to create festive content of all kinds, including blog posts, advertisements, and social media contests. Make sure they are all perfectly coordinated so that each shape points in the direction of the other, improving visibility all around. For instance, if you develop a digital campaign on holiday deals, promote it using a similar strategy on social media. Make a series of blog posts or social media status updates that highlight the holiday season and the potential for your brand to increase users’ joy.

2. Employ email marketing and remarketing:(promotion strategy)

96% of visitors exit a website without buying anything (4 out of every 100 people). Remarketing ad campaigns and email marketing can help in this situation. Send a follow-up email to the consumer if they provide information but choose not to finish the purchase. A retargeting ad campaign targets visitors to your website who left without taking any further action. Analyze your audience’s behaviour by limiting it. Find out what made them think twice about the purchase, and then utilise practical solutions to persuade them to try again.

3. Make use of video marketing(promotion strategy)

A MUST for marketing is video! The statistics below confirm this: 45% of individuals watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos each week. Worldwide, 51% of marketing experts select video as the content format with the highest return on investment. The list goes on! It produces 12x more shares than text and photos put together! Your entire holiday digital campaign can be launched with just one minute of video. Videos can assist your company in making a point and getting users to pay attention. To leave a lasting impression, develop compelling videos!

4. Appeal to Buyer Emotions:(promotion strategy)

The holiday season is always the finest time to find consumers at their best. The atmosphere is teeming with anticipation, making it the perfect opportunity to pique their emotions. Emotional appeal must come first in any digital approach. Make sure your messaging resonates with users and inspires them to support your company. Share motivational posts on social media. Show them how your brand is a family by promoting employee celebration videos. Reminiscent statements are best for stirring up powerful emotions.

5. Get a head start on your digital campaigns:(promotion strategy)

It never hurts to have your plans prepared in advance! Long before the celebrations begin, your target market should be thinking about your brand and products. Early in the season, in September or October, start working on a seasonal marketing plan. While many shoppers like to shop last-minute, some shop early. With this tactic, you can appeal to both audiences. Send out holiday marketing and special offers beforehand to encourage the early buyers. The campaign will perform better the earlier you launch it.

6. Give them Holiday Discounts:(promotion strategy)

A small reduction can make a big difference! Online shoppers are currently looking for holiday gifts. Throughout the season, draw attention to special deals and promotions to grab their attention faster. The majority of shoppers prioritise buying presents for friends and family. That’s not to say people won’t purchase themselves a thing or two, or even five, if they are on sale. This may encourage customers to spend more time learning about your company in addition to purchasing your goods. Prepare those prizes because the holiday season is more about giving than receiving.


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