How to Develop Leadership in Companies?

When it comes to developing leadership in organizations, most don’t know where to start or how they will measure it. It is a common dilemma, so how to develop leadership in companies? How to start? A powerful tool is competency mapping.

Mapping competencies is one of the first steps in driving learning initiatives within organizations. In this post we will tell you how to use it to develop leadership in your company.

The most important step to develop leadership in companies

The first step in developing leadership is to have a frame of reference. At Small Business Coach we recommend the skills map when we are asked about strategies to develop leadership in companies.

A competency map is a strategy focused on assessing employee skills in a structured and repeatable way. Its objective is to understand the current skill set of an organization, as well as to identify existing skills gaps.

In other words, mapping competencies can help you set benchmarks by assessing skills. As a result, you will foster continued growth and success.

In general, the competency map covers 4 specific areas:

1. Area of ​​knowledge

They are specific to each industry (for example, education and development). Include the company (company history and values) and the regulations of the sector where you operate.

2. Functional skills

These are the skills necessary to perform the functions successfully and depend on each role. For example:

  • For a human resource manager the functional skills would be recruiting and selection, training.
  • For a business leader, they can be coordination, setting goals and objectives.
3. Leadership skills

These are the so-called soft skills or social skills. Leaders at all levels must possess these skills, regardless of their role

4. Behavior

Behaviors include trust, sensitivity, and accessibility. Unlike other skills, behavior is observable, that is, it cannot be measured.

With the information collected in each area, you will be able to create an individual development plan. Also create an individual learning roadmap and even for roles and job categories.

In addition, competency mapping will support the decision to hire leadership development training. As a result, you will be able to define the optimal path of development, and the critical paths of tailored training.

How to develop leadership in companies from the mapping of talent skills?

1. Evaluate skills

The first step in developing leadership in a company is to assess skills. Including the skills that already exist in the company and the skills that need to be developed to achieve the objectives.

How to make the evaluation process effective? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What leadership skills are needed within the organization today?
  • What skills will the organization need to carry out future projects and capitalize on new opportunities?
  • How will I measure leadership skills? Common methods include surveys, self-assessments, and the assessment center. Don’t forget that after you’ve collected this knowledge, you also need a plan to keep it up to date.

How will I communicate with employees about these efforts? On the surface, skill mapping might seem disturbing. It is important for employees to understand that the purpose of the exercise is not to fire them, but to improve their skills.

What are the most important skills for leaders to develop?

Whatever skills you identify, make sure everyone knows how the mapping will influence their development and growth.

2. Listen to the data

Once you have collected this information, you will be in a better position to implement training strategies. These should be designed to improve the skills of your employees, including:

Closing Gaps: Once you know the gaps you need to fill, you can create learning programs to fill them.

Improve recruitment.   Identifying gaps will give you an idea of ​​the skills recruiters should consider when selecting new leaders.

Agile leadership. The highest performing organizations are made up of agile leaders. In fact, agility is one of the most critical leadership skills leaders need to develop today.

Agility helps leaders quickly adapt to change and overcome environmental challenges.

3. Keep up the momentum

Competency mapping is a journey, not a destination. As the job market changes, new skills are needed. Going forward and repeating the map will play a crucial role in driving long-term success in your company.


Leadership training courses (business leadership plus)

At Small Business Coach we offer business leadership training programs to enhance the skills of your collaborators. Specifically, the Business Leadership plus (BLP).



BLP is a certification designed to enhance the leadership and business management skills of managers and executives. The program is based on the analysis of the needs of more than 300 companies and the skills of 8,000 executives.

  • Benefits of Small Business Coach training courses to develop leadership in the company
  • The process is designed to involve the boss in developing competencies.
  • We ensure a return on investment (ROI) in relation to 3:1, impacting indicators and organizational strategies.
  • Evaluation of the performance of the participants in each course.
  • Monitoring and application reports after each course.
  • Assignments after each course for the application and implementation of the 15 tools learned during the process.
  • More than 1000 tips and techniques for productivity.
  • Development of more than 80 behaviors.


In response to the question, how to develop leadership in companies? Mapping may be the solution. In addition to helping you identify and assess skills, it will make it easier for you to hire the right talent. It will also help you plan your learning and job training goals.

In general, the need for a competency framework is imperative for all organizations. However, the support of the management is essential so that its effectiveness can be properly launched.

After decades of experience as industry pioneers, at Small Business Coach we know how to develop leaders. We can help you develop the critical leadership competencies that are right for your company context and culture.

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