How Does Duroflex Mattress Help Your Spinal Cord When You Sleep?

The sedentary lifestyle most of us lead affects our overall health to an unimaginable extent. Furthermore, it is one of the primary causes of several disorders and mental fatigue. To handle such cases, we must get proper sleep at the end of the day. A suitable mattress can be crucial in providing that much-needed relaxation and undisturbed sleep. Duroflex Orthopaedic mattresses assist you in correcting your sleeping posture and let you address other medical ailments as well. Let’s take a quick look to find out the benefits of Duroflex mattresses in various case scenarios:

Duroflex Mattress: Osteoarthritis

For individuals suffering from Osteoarthritis, sleeping sideways on a Duroflex mattress. While keeping your knees curled up (in the fetal position) is highly beneficial. 

This sleeping position spreads the facet joints in your spine to relieve the corresponding pressure. Alternatively, sleeping on a Duroflex mattress while keeping the head and knees (slightly) elevated also relieves pressure on the facet joints.

Duroflex Mattress: Degenerative disc disease

Most sleepers prefer to sleep on their stomach as this position can reduce pressure on the disc space. Individuals with degenerative disc disease may feel more comfortable and relaxed using a relatively firm. Duroflex mattress while keeping a flat pillow under the hips and stomach. 

This sleeping style can further open up the disc space to relieve the sleeper’s lower back stress. Alternatively, one can sleep on the back while keeping the upper body (slightly) elevated by placing a wedge pillow. It is essential to support your knees in a slightly bent position in this sleeping position.

Duroflex Mattress: Spinal Stenosis

For individuals suffering from Spinal Stenosis, sleeping on the sides with the knees slightly curled up (in the fetal position) may be helpful. Sleeping in such a resting position on a Duroflex mattress helps reduce pressure on the nerve root. Alternatively, sleeping on a Duroflex mattress while keeping the head and knees slightly elevated can also reduce pressure on the nerve.

Duroflex Mattress: Bursitis

Bursitis is a medical condition such as inflammation of the bursa over the hips that can get aggravated by pressure from a bad mattress that is too firm, and you won’t get proper sleep or rest at all. Having the best Duroflex mattress with good quality and also with thick padding on top can help you by relieving pressure on the hip.

Duroflex Mattress: Isthmic spondylolisthesis

Individuals suffering from Isthmic spondylolisthesis may experience a reduction in pain by sleeping on a Duroflex mattress in a reclining position. This resting position can be tested further by placing pillows under the neck, back, and head to support the body.

Duroflex Mattress: Herniated lumbar disc

For such cases, the suitable sleep position varies depending on the position of the disc. For instance, an individual with paracentral disc herniation tends to feel better while lying on the stomach on a Duroflex mattress. Whereas, in the cases of a foraminal herniated disc, resting on the side of your Duroflex mattress in a fetal position often brings relief.

When you sleep for six to eight hours a night on a regular mattresses. There is a strong chance that you may notice spinal and lower back pain mainly due to excessive pressure. Orthopedic Duroflex mattresses are an ideal choice in such circumstances as. It is crafted using high-grade firm materials that reduce pain. 

Patients with joint stiffness, fractures, spinal injuries, back pain, and those who have undergone surgery can also benefit from Duroflex mattresses. You can also look for a suitable mattress on Bajaj Mall for a good night’s sleep. If you are delaying the purchase of your favorite mattresses due to budget constraints, then again, we are here to help. Keep reading to find out more.

The Bright Way of Purchasing the Perfect Duroflex mattress

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