List of Top Marriage Counsellors in Mumbai

List of Top Marriage Counsellors in Mumbai

A marriage need not always have to go right. There can be highs and lows in a marriage that require cooperation from both sides.

Most couples try to talk out the problem among themselves. But in certain cases, due to busy schedules or other reasons, they let the problems pile up one on another.

The longer this happens, other problems can start occurring which can lead your marriage to start falling apart.

In such situations, you need to seek the help of a marriage counselor. They help you understand the root cause of the issue and tell you how to solve it.

Let us see the top marriage consultant in Mumbai, that offers the best counseling solutions for issues like depression in marriage.

Common Problems that Occur in Marriages

The personality and behavior of both people in a marriage can decide the nature of problems that happen in marriages. It can also be due to the difference in interests and lifestyles.

Given below are a few types of problems that occur in marriages. It is advised to consult a marriage counselor if you cannot solve them between yourself.

  • Communication issues

Couples may find it difficult to get their ideas and opinions across from each other. It can be due to a lack of time caused by busy schedules.

Long and hectic days can cause you to come home and go to sleep without talking to your other half. This can lead to even more problems for them and for themselves as they may feel isolated or invalid.

  • Lack of interest/Difference in Interests

Having different interests will lead you to spend less time which each other. The best thing to do would be to learn more about each other’s interests and start engaging in that activity.

  • Financial Issues

Unequal distribution of duties and financial responsibilities is one reason that causes financial issues.

It is best to talk it out with your partner if you find it difficult to deal with such issues or seek professional help.

There are other problems like ego clashes and jealousy that can also be solved by marriage counselors.

How Can a Marriage Counselor Help you?

Why do you need to consult a marriage counselor? Let us take a quick glance at the few ways in which a marriage counselor can help you.

1. They offer a safe outlet to vent your feelings and emotions

Having no space to let out your feelings can be a huge problem for anyone. Keeping your opinions, thoughts, and feelings to yourself can do more harm than good.

A marriage consultant provides a safe space for you and your partner to speak up openly about your troubles.

2. They help you find the root cause of your problem

The root cause of certain problems can be something related to trauma, mental health issues, or any other reasons. It can also be ego issues or narcissistic disorders.

A counselor helps understand the root cause or what your problem stems from and offers ideal solutions.

3. They offer solutions from an outsider’s perspective

When a conflict occurs with your partner, you seek the advice of your friend or family. They can often offer solutions and suggestions that can console you.

Comforting you emotionally is what they often do. But to get a rational response or a logical solution, you need professional help.

A marriage counselor offers suggestions that are best for you now, as well as in the long run.

4. They help improve your relationship

A marriage counselor helps you improve your relationship with your significant other. They offer suggestions and advice on how you can strengthen your relationship.

This way, you start seeing an improvement in the way you communicate with each other. You will have fewer fights as you start cooperating well with each at all times.

5. They help you see things from your partner’s point of view

Being empathic and seeing things from the other person’s perspective can solve most problems.

It also helps improve your relationship by being more understanding about your partner’s behaviors.

You think from each other’s perspective before getting into a fight, and become more accepting of one’s own mistakes.

Top Marriage Counsellors in Mumbai

1. Wownow

Wownow helps couples deal with marital issues by providing solutions through therapy. They also help solve all kinds of relationship issues and provide assistance in guiding you through depression, anxiety, OCD, etc.

Their team consists of psychologists and psychiatrists with professional degrees in their dedicated fields. At Wownow Counselling Centre, people who suffer from depression are treated very effectively by depression therapist.

2. Tejas Shah’s Healing Studio

With professional training in Couples and Family Therapy from TISS, Mumbai, Tejas Shah provides the best couples counseling in Mumbai. He provides online psychotherapy services for Indian as well as international clients.

If you are looking for counseling in Hindi, English, and Gujrati, Tejas Shah’s Healing Studio is the number one option.

3. Orange Counseling Services

Orange Counseling Services is one of the leading counselors in Mumbai.  They offer counseling services, behavioral training, etc. to improve your quality of relationships.

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, a form of psychotherapy is used here to help solve issues.

4. Beautiful Life Counselling Services

Beautiful Life Counselling Services works with their clients in having a more positive outlook on their marriage. They focus on trying to make the world a better place for couples to live happily.

5. Mastishk Centre For Behavioral and Psychological Interventions

Mastishk Centre is a mental health setup. They are a team of licensed clinical psychologists who are ready to offer professional help for mental health issues. You can approach them for relationship difficulties and issues in marriage.

Bottom line

Seeking the help of a marriage counselor is the best thing you can do you fix your broken relationship. Contacting any of the marriage counselors listed above is the most ideal option you can go for today.

Make sure to talk to your partner about your decision to visit a marriage counselor. Cooperation from the side of the counselor, as well as the couple, is required to rekindle your love and affection again. Make a wise choice today for longer years of a successful marriage.

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