When is the right time to give an emerald ring to your partner

When is the right time to give an emerald ring to your partner?

Emerald is an offbeat gemstone that is not as popular as a diamond but it looks as good as a diamond. Its vibrant green colour creates beautifully designed focal jewelry. When is the right time to give an emerald ring to your partner? The gorgeous green hue of emerald beautified many pieces of jewelry for ages. Its optimal transparency can even be more expensive than sapphires or diamonds. Emerald is not just gemstones; it has got high spiritual and emotional meaning with it. So, when you are gifting an emerald ring to your partner you are not just giving an emerald ring, but something which has more meaning. Here are some occasions when you can give an emerald to your partner.

Proposal day

This is one of the occasions when you can give your partner a beautiful emerald ring. Now, if you think that proposals can be made with only a diamond ring, then you need to wake up! There is no hard rule that a proposal has to be made only with a diamond ring. Proposing to your partner with an emerald ring can be a unique way to express your feelings. The entire world proposes their partner with diamonds or other stones, but expressing your feelings with emeralds will make you stand out from the crowd and your partner will love this unique way of proposing. Grab a beautiful halo emerald ring of gold metal for your partner. In some countries, it is believed that emerald brings success, and hence, proposing with an emerald ring can also be beneficial for your partner.


Anniversaries do not come every day, after every 365 days you get to enjoy the special moment where you can relive your wedding day, and hence, this special day demands special attention and gifts for your partners. Anniversary is a perfect time to give an emerald ring to your partner. Why? Most of the population gets engaged and wedded with a diamond ring and so, diamond rings are the possessions of most women. To add a new gemstone to your partner’s jewelry collection.  Emerald engagement Rings can be a perfect choice. Emerald worn on the pinky finger looks pretty on a woman and adds glory to their hands. On the occasion of your anniversary, gifting a gold emerald ring shall make the moment more special.

On your partner’s birthday

Birthdays also occur in 365 days and gifting something meaningful and valuable is a good idea. Ask your partner about their desires and if they are looking for a surprise on their birthday, instead of gifting any clothes or something that can wear and tear with time, you can gift an emerald ring to your spouse or partner on this special day. An emerald ring is the best choice for a birthday because they are much more affordable than diamonds. You can make your partner surprised and happy without making a hole in your wallet.

When you both welcome your first child

Every couple desire to be parents and welcoming your first child is the happiest moment. There are many milestones that a couple achieves, but becoming parents is the first ever milestone everyone wishes to reach as a couple. It’s like a reward for their relationship and hence a gift is inevitable in this special moment. To share your happiness with your partner you can give her an emerald ring. This ring shall also act as a token of love from your side. It will always remind both of you about the special moment you both shared and let you relive the days when your child stepped on this earth.

The Lab grown diamond rings are also a popular gift option for your loved ones. Along with an emerald ring, you can also consider a lab grown diamond ring as a gift option.

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