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Combine ASO Efforts With UA To Enhance Application Growth

Creating a business app is no longer a trend, but a growing necessity to stay competitive and reach your products/services at the hands of customers. Several brands make the best use of app store optimization services from a relevant partner to improve the application’s ranking, visibility, and reviews.

Another way to enhance your business app’s visibility is the relevant marketing technique of User Acquisition (U/A). It is a paid app marketing initiative to enrich the search factor of your app, generate high-quality leads, and increase the installation rate.

But do you know that both ASO and U/A can be correlated to give you substantial results? A result-oriented mobile app marketing technique initiated by only a few relevant ASO partners helps grow your marketing efforts and results.

Here in this blog, you can avail of new yet useful information on combining the efforts of ASO with User Acquisition techniques to see substantial results.

Understand the Correlation Between ASO and U/A

  • Role of ASO: As you already know, app store optimization is an organic app marketing technique to improve your business app’s ratings & installation. It is a marketing strategy to figure out how to enhance the organic traffic of your app. But somehow, ASO is more diverted towards less customer acquisition and a higher retention rate.
  • Role of U/A: A paid app marketing tactic that helps users be aware of your mobile app, receive announcements of new features, and more. Compared to ASO, paid user acquisition provides an increasing downloading rate by 1.5 times. It can further increase the installation rate by 17 for some of the app categories. In short, U/A helps increase the download, but somehow retention rate is on the lower side.

From ASO and U/A perspectives, it is clearly evident that the app’s installation rate matters. Also, it is relevant to maintain an optimum retention rate among users to see substantial profit ahead. Therefore, combine the tactics of ASO with U/A to attain the following benefits

  • More installation
  • Increased ranking & app visibility
  • Increased traffic to an optimum extent

Understand the Impact of UA on ASO

Paid user acquisition is a popular marketing method of driving traffic to your app store and allows the target users to see and install your apps. However, sometimes only U/A does not provide you with the desired results even after putting so much money into paid advertising. The solution lies with first enriching the organic reach of your business application first before moving to paid user acquisition.

You will agree with the point that when you have substantial organic app traffic, users ultimately download your app and access the same. It further increases your application visibility across other competitive apps. It provides a potential strategy for organic visibility as well.

Although, paid-to-add advertising works best initially in terms of launching a new app and the desire to get quick results.

This happens when users are exposed to your application keywords through paid U/A. And, sooner or later they search for your application on the app store. Ultimately, users best resonate with paid advertising and later perform the organic search for the latest updates.

Understand the Impact of ASO on UA

App store optimization is undoubtedly an imperative practice to organically enhance the name, features, reviews, and USP of your app. It helps increase the installs and conversion rates to an optimum extent.

In fact, user search for a specific mobile app accounts for 65% of the total application search. This rate demonstrates that for at least 65% of users you can rely on organic ASO marketing techniques. And, for the rest, 35% of user acquisition works best to get more visitors, installations, and positive feedback.

How to Create User Funnel By Combining ASO and UA?

Now that you have got an idea of amalgamating the virtues of app store optimization services with the use of acquisition paid marketing. The next step in the line is moving head strategically.

  1. When you start initiating a mobile app paid campaign, similarly emphasize an organic marketing campaign. It helps strengthen communication with users and provides transparent app information through both paid and organic marketing.
  2. Paid campaigns help users to know more about your business app and land on the respective application store. With a proper ASO strategy, you can further scale up the impact of paid advertising. All the people coming to see your app on the store must see well-optimized app screenshots, descriptions, and genuinely positive reviews.
  3. Once users know that you offer a reliable set of products/services, they started building faith in your brand. This faith will further lead to more conversions and higher business profit.

Initiating app store optimization and paid user acquisition separately might not provide you with the desired result. It’s time to combine both organic and paid mobile app marketing strategies to witness substantial results. Gather the relevant information mentioned above to experience the profitable impact of ASO with UA. Also, hire mobile app marketing experts from Fuel4Media to initiate the plan with ease.

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