A Guide to Web Development And Website Creation

One of the most demanding jobs is the job of a web developer. So, if you are a student and want to learn how to become a web developer, you need to have a complete handbook that can help you. Developing a website includes a few steps before the website goes live. If you are studying programming, you probably require programming homework help because there are certain things related to this and web designing that can confuse you. Here are a few steps you need to follow to develop a website or better web development.

The journey begins with basic tools for web development

To become a professional web developer or better web development, you need to understand and have the skills to use the basic tools necessary to develop a website. Here are the following tools:

  • Browser

For a young developer, it is essential to know that a web developer needs a browser as one of the basic tools for designing a website. Professionals use this browser to experiment with the website they are developing at the designing stage.

The common browser is Google Chrome because it supports the updated version of HTML, CSS and ECMA script standards. This browser consists of the tools that allow uh web developer professionals to update and tinker with the design in real-time.

  • The editor

Another basic tool that web developers use is the editor. Web development is synonymous with its ability do you use the editor to write code ranging from a notepad to a browser. Apart from this, some excellent code editors offer a few additional things along with the traditional and basic facilities that a normal editor office like writing and understanding programs.

Among all the editors, VS Code, Atom, and WebStorm- all these stand out and are quite powerful and useful in web development.

  • Design program

Now that you know about a browser and an editor, you also need to know about the designing program. When you design A website, you have to develop assets of different shapes, colours and sizes, and at times, you need to edit a lot of the public domain images if you wish to make the website attractive and unique.

So, for that reason, you need to design a program, depending on your budget or if you want to go for the better option, then use GIMP. Some professionals prefer to use Photoshop because of its excellent and robust features that developers use to make better designs.

  • The first step- front-end website design

Creating the website design, developing it in a way that the website has the ability to interact with users, and ensuring the design looks the same on different devices composing the content and messaging are some of the pillars of front-end web design. 2 implement these in reality, here are some steps to follow;

  • HTML/CSS design basics

The basics of every website are HTML and CSS, and if a developer wants to make excellent websites, they need to have a deep-rooted understanding of both of them.

  • Building a responsive design

Your website cannot stand out unless it has a responsive design. Nowadays, it is necessary to build a responsive design because search engines will not display your website in the search results. Moreover, search engines prevent these websites from making business if it is not compatible with mobile phones and desktop devices and on different screen sizes.

  • Give functionality to the design

You need to learn javascript- a programming language which is crucial to develop a website because whatever framework you choose, javascript is the base. You cannot build a framework without having a strong base, and javascript does the same thing like it adds dynamic elements that bring life to the website.

  1. The second step- back-end development

After finishing the first step of developing a website, you need to move forward and begin working on the second step, which is the back-end development. In this step, you are supposed to process where users request, collect and analyse user information, develop databases, and store data. Once you get through this stage, you can develop a fully functioning website.

  • Service side programming languages

Amateur programmers do not realise that you can use different programming languages to develop the server side. Here are some of the popular programming languages used to develop the server side;

PHP: this is one of the most popular and crucial programming languages in the world, and it is dedicated explicitly to server-side programming. Nearly 60 to 70% of websites and services you can easily find on the Internet Is on PHP.

Javascript: As previously mentioned, JavaScript programming languages are used for the front end, but you can also use this for back-end programming. Node.js makes it possible to use the framework of JavaScript.

Python: another most famous and crucial programming language is Python which is also used for server-side programming to develop websites.

C#: this one is also on the list because it is a versatile and powerful programming language and most Windows application developers use it.

  • Using software frameworks

There are different frameworks that web developers use like the following;

  • Django: if you opt for Python, you should also opt for Django because it is the most used framework that helps you with file operations and databases and makes security easier to handle.
  • Laravel framework: like Python has a framework, PHP also has a framework which is the Laravelframework- a powerful option because of its features.
  • Express framework: if you are using Node.js, you should use this framework because you can easily build a website.
  • .NET framework:if you are opting for C#, then the only framework that you can use is .NET Framework to develop websites, as there are no other options.
  • WordPress:WordPress is nowhere near a framework because it is a CMS. However, It is one of the most used tools to develop websites, and also PHP is the backbone of WordPress.
  • Databases

In short, a website is incomplete without a database because a database stores data and offer management solution. The database is integral to a complex website as it takes care of the functioning part. There are two options that web developers can use:

MySQL: It is one of the most widely used relational database management systems. This database has been in the business for a long time, and after its initial release, it has been going strong. It is one of the most well-rounded database management systems for developing websites.

MongoDB: this is one of the databases that do not require SQL, and it is also referred to as NoSQL. Mongo DB is more flexible and faster than MySQL.

The Last Stage- Tools And Concepts

The Internet has a lot of tools and software, but if you are a smart web developer, you need to focus on the important tools and concepts for that; you need to conduct some research and have enough details. Here are some of the software and concepts:

MVC or model view controller- when you’re developing a website, you need to find out the most common software that is used to develop a website. MVC uses files to communicate with each other, and it’s one of the most popular software.

HTTP/ HTTPS- you need to read and understand everything about these two before you jump into developing a website.

SEO principles and guidelines– a website developer, must be aware of the principles and guidelines of an issue because you want to register your website and ensure that it brings traffic to your website. The only way or the main way to do it is to follow these guidelines to ensure that more and more people are reading and taking your services.

The above-mentioned points can help you understand how to develop a website. If you are a student, especially, you will be learning a lot about programming and other things like reflection calculators. So, before you decide to take the first step to becoming a web developer, you need to understand how a web developer works and the skills required to become one.

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