Attestation Of A Nursing Degree In The UAE

Attestation Of A Nursing Degree In The UAE

One of the best places to look for nursing jobs is the UAE. The greatest earnings in the nation go to qualified and registered nurses. This essentially explains why many experts travel to the nation in search of work each year.

Speaking of nursing jobs in the UAE, you must present all of your academic transcripts and other credentials. Additionally, they must be authenticated for the documents to be legitimate. The authorities must legalise the certificates that are sent in for attestation. You have come to the right site if you want to learn more about attestation services in Dubai. We will go through the important points that you need to know in this post. You can check out Degree certificate attestation in UAE, Dubai for additional information.

Documents Needed for Nursing Attestation

As was previously mentioned, in order to apply for a nursing position in the UAE, you must submit your school credentials as well as other crucial paperwork. Only authentic certifications are recognised.

The following papers are required for the attestation procedure:

  • Original educational certificates
  • Original mark sheets (all semesters)
  • Passport size photo 

What Makes Attestation Important?

In Dubai, attestation is crucial, especially if you are a foreigner. This applies to all available employment in the nation, not just nursing jobs.

Attesting to a nursing certificate is crucial for a number of reasons. We have outlined some of the key points below to assist you in understanding the procedure. In the UAE, a properly attested certificate is required in the following circumstances:

  1. Whenever requesting a work visa
  2. When a sponsor is switched
  3. When attempting to obtain a police clearance certificate
  4. To pursue a higher education
  5. While switching careers
  6. When requesting a family visa
  7. In order to increase your existing pay

We can see from the aforementioned examples that varied situations call for certified nursing paperwork. This will make it easier for you to move the process along. You absolutely must have your certificates certified for this reason.

The UAE Attestation Process

The nation that first issued the nursing certificate determines the attestation process in the UAE. The requirements are influenced by this element and can change significantly.

Most of the procedures are very common when you use attestation services in the UAE. For instance, nursing credentials from India need to be signed by the people listed below in order to be fully attested.

  • An Indian Notary Public
  • The Indian Ministry of External Affairs
  • The Department of Mantralaya
  • The UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Indian Embassy in the UAE

You can continue with the rest of the process after getting each of the aforementioned authorities to sign your nursing certifications. Your certificate will then be valid throughout the UAE as a result. With this credential that has been attested, you can look for a rewarding job wherever in the nation.

In the UAE, attestation is very significant. If you want to apply for a nursing position in Dubai, you must first get all of your academic credentials validated by the appropriate authorities. Just visit Certified True Copy Attestation for more enquiries.


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