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4 Easy Padel Rackets Tips To Improve In 24 Hours

You want to win more games, but most of the advice people give you takes time, effort, and hours of practice. Don’t worry, because in this article I have 5 simple tips that you can put in your game to help you improve 24 HOURS. They don’t require hours of practice to learn a new technique, you can play it right away and watch yourself improve. Here are 4 easy tips to improve in 24 hours, come on. Play more diagonal / crosstab.
Padel Rackets UK is first simple tip is to play more diagonally or “cross-court”.

When people watch/train there are a lot of rallies everywhere with no structure or thinking about where you hit the ball. People also like to break or hit the ball in a straight line, especially if they are playing on the left side.

However, there is a downside.

It is MUCH easier for people to turn the ball when it is played directly against Padel Rackets UK, there is no angle and when it hits the back glass it comes out very straight, so it is easy for them to turn. If you play cross/diagonally with someone, especially in the net position, the ball will hit the back glass and it will be harder to hit it back because it will fly at an angle. This can be very difficult for beginners.

There is still room on the field…

If you hit diagonally, there’s a lot more space, giving you more time to attack, prepare for the next ball and reduce your chances of missing. Just more room to aim for.

The intention to cross the field gives you the following benefits:

  • More time
  • More space to bet on the field
  • Less chance of losing
  • It’s harder for the opponent to turn back
  • You can aim for the corner (the hardest to defend)
  • Take the warm-up seriously.

The warm-up isn’t meant to be a vague and boring exercise where people rummage around the field before actually playing. It’s a chance to practice those important strokes you’ve been practicing. Your big shots should be perfect for your game.

Warm up before succeeding shots.

  • Off the wall
  • Attack (important)
  • Overhead costs (important)

Warming up usually takes about 5 minutes, so focus on these shots. Because they are not only the most efficient, but they also make the most mistakes.

You will feel more confident
A good warm-up will boost your confidence before the game starts.

You have already hit 10 volleys and 10 bandages and landed on most of them. When the first one arrives in the game, you’re ready. Sometimes, when you play on a new field or for the first time after a while, you have to adapt to the field and feel it. The heat is perfect for this. Use the “refrigerator” tactic.

The fridge is my favorite of the easy paddle tips.

Commonly used in Spain, this tactic is called “refrigerator” and prevents you from hitting the ball aimlessly and aiming at a player instead.

This tactic is not about finding a weak link.

  • It doesn’t mean you have to hit the weaker player, but hitting a player will cause it.
  • The target player will be under pressure
  • The other player is getting “cold” and not ready for the ball
  • The other player will be disappointed
  • The target player will get tired

A focused player has more chances to miss, more balls in front of him = more chances to miss.
If you completely distribute the balls you hit among your opponents, they are less likely to make mistakes. As more balls reach a person, they will have to move more and eventually make mistakes.

Then the other player gets cold and frustrated, and when the ball finally reaches him, he will probably make a mistake.

When you watch professional players on the padel world tour, you will notice that they use this tactic.

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