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Techniques and Cleaning Methods of Artificial Flowers

The technique of the artificial flower is getting better and better, and the artificial flower almost looks like a real one. Besides a variety of artificial flowers products, there are also artificial foliage, artificial trunks, artificial weeds, artificial trees, etc.

Techniques of artificial flowers

1. Flower molding
We inject the vulcanized rubber solution into the mold, and it forms the semifinished artificial flower or foliage product after cooling the solution.

2. Coloring
We can color the semifinished artificial flower or foliage product by the following methods
(1) Immerse the semifinished artificial flower or foliage in the vulcanized rubber solution with other colors, and then take the semifinished artificial flower or foliage out from the solution and cool it.

(2) Use the spray gun to spray the desired color on the semifinished artificial flower or foliage.



3. Forming
Put the semifinished artificial product which we color in a special machine. We should control the heating temperature at about 200 to 300 °C, and use the mold to emboss the semifinished artificial product.

4. Assembling
Fix the finished artificial product on the plastic rubber rod which we twin it by hands or machines.

Four cleaning steps of artificial flowers

Part 1

First, artificial flowers may be deformed in daily life. Under normal circumstances, artificial flower can be restored by slightly arranging the branch and the leaf. If you want to further arrange the artificial flower, you can also boil water and take advantage of water vapor to make the deformed branch and leaf become wet and soft. Dry the artificial flower after the wrinkled part of the artificial flower disappears. This method is suitable for any kind of silk flower. If possible, use a hair dryer to dry the artificial flower, which is more conducive to shaping the artificial flower.

Second, use a hair dryer to clean up the dust on the artificial flower after 1 to 2 weeks.

Part 2

Third, if there is much dust on the artificial flower because you don’t clean the artificial flower after a long time, you need to know the cleaning method based on the material of the artificial flower. If we make  the artificial flower of the flexible glue, we can directly wash the artificial flower with water. If the artificial flower is made of silk, it needs to be soaked with salt water with high concentration for 2 hours. And then soak the artificial flower with water. Gently shaking the artificial flower can remove its dust and ensure its gorgeous appearance. It should be noted that put the artificial flower upside down in a ventilated place and do not put the artificial flower in the sun. Otherwise, the artificial flower will fade. The purpose of putting artificial flowers upside down is to prevent deformation of artificial flowers.

Fourthly, you can also add detergent to water, and wash the artificial flower after mixing detergent and water up. Don not scrub the artificial flower so as to prevent the artificial flower or the thread of the edge of the artificial flower falling off. For artificial flowers with deep colors, the cleaning time should be short and the time should not be too many. Avoid rubbing the artificial flower to prevent fading the artificial flower.

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