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What is the process involved in degree attestation UAE?

Attestation can be defined as a kind of confirmation. It is customary to sign a deed, make a will or sign other important documents in the presence of a witness who also signs that document to attest its contents and the authenticity of the party’s sign. There are many different types of attestation. And, one is degree attestation UAE. Itis mainly the act of witnessing a degree certificate by any authorized personality, departing or author.

What is the UAE degree attestation process?

Now, you can see a lot of people want to know the degree attestation process so that they can get their degree for their usage. If you are among those people and are unaware of the steps involved in this process right now, you should not worry anymore. The reason is that here are some of the steps which you should follow for their process-

  1. Notary public stamp on the certificate- A notary public is a legal, authorized person who can make notary essential documents. They can check your identification and then put the signature and the official stamp with the seal. This way, your ID and certificates are verified right now.
  2. Verify from State Education departments- After this stamp, the degree certificates must be pre-authenticated from the MHRD. Afterward, the respective state educational department attests to it based on documents. For example, in the case of certificate attestation for the UAE in Kerala, verification is done by the concerned state department.
  3. Authentication from MOFA in the COI- Once your degree certificate has been verified by the concerned authority mentioned above, you should forward it to the Ministry of India for further process and verification.
  4. UAE Embassy legalization- Your degree also needs to go through the UAE embassy legalization process in your country. For the process, your documents will be attested at two different levels.
  5. Attestation from MFA in UAE- The document will be forwarded to the MFA for attestation. The UAE government would accept the papers for processing only after your documents carry an important stamp from MOFA, UAE. This was the last step of the UAE attestation process.

What is the significance of degree attestation in the UAE?

As you know, a degree certificate is an essential educational document that requires legalization. It is essential because it proves you and your document are genuine. The respective state government usually implements this process to grant permission to enter a foreign country. It is essential and indicates that you are an advantageous person procuring a visa or providing any attested document.

Suppose you are searching for a certificate of legalization that can help you prove you and your document are genuine and can also help you get permission to enter foreign countries right now. In that case, you can go for degree attestation UAE. It is essential and can help you qualify for your desired professional position or work. This process only involves some simple steps, which are given above.

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