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Office Supplies That Are Essential for Every Accountant

Accountants need a lot of office supplies, especially between January to May, when people have to file their tax returns. Many people think that the only office supplies that accountants needs are pencils, accounting software, and a calculator.

Contrary to the popular belief, their list of office supplies is long. Index tabs, adhesive return labels, white envelope, and multi-sized folders are some of the common supplies that every account needs. Let’s look at some more supplies that are important for the accounts people:

  1. Redacting Tape

We know that accidents happen and typos or errors do exist in the lives of accountants. There should always be some scope for human error. Accountants often make mistakes in calculation, and this is why they need redacting tape or white-out. These things let them correct an error within minutes. If you take a photocopy of the document that has a redacting tape or white-out, just adjust the settings of the printer and the error will be less visible.

These save you from the embarrassment of showing poorly done and untidy work to clients or tax agencies. Therefore, make sure you have ample stock of redacting tape or white-outs.

  1. Return Labels

Since most of the documents are now sent and received digitally, return labels such as stamps, and envelopes are not much in use. However, there are still a few things that need to be mailed from time to time, especially important documents. Do have some return labels in stock. If you do not want brown envelope or other traditional stamps, you can check out adhesive return labels.

  1. Customised Division Side Tabs

Although blank side tabs are affordable, they are difficult to use. Filing out each manually is time-consuming. This is why you should always spend on customised division side tabs. Accounts will save a lot of time on folder labelling and it will help them become more organised.

  1. Index Tabs

One of the important aspects of accountancy is organising the information of clients. In case you are unable to find the right numbers or data to file their tax or respond to a query, your reputation will be at stake. This is why you should use index tabs. These will help you keep the work labeled and organised. Make sure to order dozens of index tabs, especially before tax filing season.

  1. Sheet Protectors

If you have individual clients, you will for sure have a lot of paperwork. It is important to protect all the documents from mildew, accidental liquid spill, or cold. Although using binders and folders is the traditional way of keeping the documents organised, it is not waterproof. Plastic sheet protectors are a great way to keep paper safe. Always keep the documents in a binder and sheet protector so that it is safe and makes you look professional.

Final Words

All these office supplies will not make you a better accountant, but they will definitely make you an organised and more productive professional.

Author Bio

Jay is a Chartered Accountant. He works for independent clients and often writes blogs on tax, accounting and related topics.

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