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Taking Good Care of Yourself with Portable Bidets

Part 1

Every time after using the toilet, we will wipe our buttocks with paper towels. But in fact, dry paper can only wipe off the stains on the surface, and there are inevitable residues in the rectal folds. Sometimes we mistakenly believe it is clean. Those dirty things hidden in folds not only have a peculiar smell, but also easily breed bacteria. For women, it’s easy to cause gynecological diseases and other problems.

According to the authoritative statistics of the World Health Organization, more than 80% of women in the world suffer from various degrees of gynecological diseases, while the prevalence rate of Chinese women is as high as 93.3%, and that of Japanese women is the lowest. The data also shows that 80.2% of people in Japan use running water to clean their private parts in daily life. However, the rate in China is less than 2%. The improper cleaning method after people go to the toilet causes such a high prevalence rate .

When it comes to the way of going to the toilet in Japan, flush smart toilets have already become a national appliance, with the popularity rate being very high in Japanese households. When lots of people traveled to Japan many years ago, they would bring bidet seats back after experiencing the smart toilets. If you ask why we choose them, most people will definitely answer it is clean. The gentle washing function of intelligent toilets can help clean foreign matters without wiping with toilet paper and reduce contact with bacteria. Moreover, they also have the functions of massage and hydrotherapy, bringing a clean and comfortable experience to our skin. Therefore, to make private parts fresh and clean, we must first develop good living and hygiene habits, so as to effectively alleviate many discomforts.

Smart Toilet


Part 2

Nowadays, there is a handheld cleaning product called a portable bidet. Its appearance not only solves the problem of high prices of toilet bidets, but also deals with the phenomenon that smart toilets are not popular and we can not see it everywhere in China. At the same time, it can change the wrong cleaning methods of most people after going to the toilet.

The compact and simple design allows you to wash your private parts whether at home or outside without doing harm to your skin. We make the portable bidets of EVA, a kind of environmental protection material. It has the advantages of excellent buffering, shock resistance, thermal insulation, moisture resistance and chemical resistance, and is non-toxic and does not absorb water. With the ergonomics design, the nozzle of the portable bidet is very friendly to menstrual women, pregnant women, babies and hemorrhoids patients. Warm water and cold water can all be replenished in the portable bidet, and water can be sprayed by slightly pressing the bottle without other complicated operations.

We all know that changing from “wiping with paper” to “flushing with water” is not an easy thing. However, if cleaning is not well done after we use the toilet, the bacteria that we can’t see with naked eyes will be bred and become the root of the disease in the long run. We hope the portable bidet can help people get used to the way of cleaning with water, and will not give you extra burden so that you can enjoy a clean, healthy and safe lifestyle.

Portable Bidets

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