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Obsessive Teeth Whitening Toronto and Body Dysmorphic Disorder

The regular visitors to my site will realize that I’m always ready to examine any assertion of a behavior as an addiction, compulsion or obsession. This is also found in teeth whitening Toronto regardless of how minor the behavior may viewed. It list as one of the “World’s Most Wacky Addictions” according to the Oddee website. 

“Looks as if some able to quit whitening their teeth enough that it seen as an addiction. Because bleaching is simple and efficient, it possible to become addicted. Two potential adverse effects of the addiction to bleaching are gum irritation and tooth sensitivity. According to research that published in Canada alone, individuals were spending nearly $1.4 billion on tooth-whitening treatments and products in 2006. “.

It’s probably no surprise that there no research that has conducted on the effects of teeth whitening Toronto as a form of addiction, compulsion, or obsession (although it is possible to find scientific and clinical studies that examine different aspects of Teeth Whitening Toronto that I’ll explore in the next article). But, I shock to see that the MD website, which is a well-known reference source for all things health related, has an article that discusses whether whitening can turn into an addiction. The article said:

Teeth whitening Toronto ” is now the number. #1 desired cosmetic dental procedure with a rise of more than 300% in 1996, as per the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Teeth whitening Toronto at home has getting more popular too. There are a variety of over-the-counter tooth bleaching kits available at almost every discount or drugstore or even a grocery store. There’s a limit to excessive amounts of an excellent thing. While the majority of people aren’t fond of declaring it an addiction, dentists suggest that some people take it too far in their search to achieve the perfect smile. “.

Yes, there definitely is a tendency of people to overuse [Teeth whitening Toronto products], although most people don’t”. A lot (both non-academic and academic) (populist or non-academic) reports I’ve found online on obsessive tooth bleaching mentioned this behavior in relation to ‘bleachorexia or dentorexia’. The online Urban Dictionary defines a ‘dentorexic’ as “When you have white teeth but believe they have yellow teeth and they get obsessed about cleaning their teeth or zoom whitening their teeth. Like anorexia, but with an obsession with teeth more than overweight”.

A post posted on the Farah Queen website examined ‘bleachorexia’ (‘teeth whitening Toronto addiction unraveled’) and claimed that some people are “obsessed with the process of teeth whitening Toronto …[the] repetitive desire to conduct teeth bleaching”. The typical behavior of bleachorexia is always looking at mirrors to see your own teeth (looking to see if there are signs of discolouration, stains discolouration, spots, and spots) as well as a perpetual sense of discontent with the appearance of one’s smile. The article states that.

teeth whitening toronto

“[Bleachorexia the name used to describe it. It is known as the addiction to the process of bleaching, or as zoom whitening to the point that their oral health is already impacted. The people suffering from bleachorexia do not have to go to a hospital in order to treated, but it poses a number of oral health hazards during the process. The remedy is to acknowledge that the bleaching products aren’t actually teeth whitening, but rather remove the staining on their teeth. It also suggested to eliminate as much as possible the triggers that cause discoloration. And stains on teeth like red tea, coffee soda, coffee, etc. .”.

The article continues to provide a list of “symptoms of bleaching addiction”. This includes sensitive teeth (due to erosion of the tooth’s enamel). Oral irritation (affecting gums, palates and throat) and dizziness (due to the accidental swallowing of bleaching solution). This is due to the fact that the excessive use of bleaching solutions. It can cause damage to enamel or the outer layer of your teeth. Which can cause sensitivity to your teeth. This has confirmed an US report from ABC News that state that with bleaching your teeth. Some people don’t know when they should stop, and that over bleaching of the teeth can result in sensitivity.

To this, are socialization agents that can found in other places that include family, peers and institutions. These made sure that the messages propagated  the media repeated in a way (e.g. through social judgment). So that they could taken up the individual in order to taken seriously. Social judgment influenced appearance, and faces are the most prominent part which is why it is a significant factor. One well-studied idea in the field of social psychology is the “what’s attractive is desirable’ idea. In a study that renowned. Dion showed that regardless of sex people tend to attribute positive personal traits. And positive outcomes in life (e.g. marital competency, professional achievement, etc.)). To people they consider as attractive physically.

The impact of the stereotype about physical attractiveness has proven in many fields. For instance, in general studies show that attractive patients initially viewed as good people. In addition, attractive people  paid higher wages than people who aren’t attractive. Also, attractive defendants might punished less severely in comparison to defendants. Who are not attractive for certain, but not all criminal acts.

Many studies show that this notion extends to the appearance of teeth. Patients who do not fit the standard of perfect teeth. Are subject to discrimination as early as their early years of life. This is evident in some studies on orthodontics which link malocclusions. That  not treated with increased victimization by peers, lower self-esteem, and decreased oral health-related health quality of life among youngsters.

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