Hand Sanitizer Helps Killing Germs and Bacteria 

Germs on our hands might lead us to illness, flu, and cough. We use our hands to perform multiple functions in a day. Most of all we touch our face, eyes, ears, and lips through our hands which can be a reason for germs transmission. Therefore, it is important for us to clean our hands using hand sanitizer, soap and water after regular intervals. 

What if there is no soap and water available in the place where you want to clean your hands? A hand sanitizer is a solution to your problem. It contains isopropyl alcohol, which helps in killing 99% of germs and bacteria. In addition, to that, you can use it anywhere such as during school breaks, during office lunchtime, in the gym, during training sessions, etc.

It comes in pocket-size bottles and jars allowing you to carry it easily. The huge jars are mostly used at the entrances of offices, medical facilities, and institutions to ensure individuals sanitize their hands while entering the building. 

You might wonder why we have to use sanitizers when there is the easy availability of soap and water. Centers for diseases control and prevention (CDC) also recommends washing hands with soap and water. Additionally, soap and water kill germs and viruses from your hands. 

Suppose you have to go outside in public settings for an official meeting or a friendly get-to gather you need to make sure that your hands are germ-free. You cannot carry a bucket full of water along with a hand wash for the purpose. That is where a hand sanitizer comes into play allowing you to clean your hands anywhere anytime. You might wonder why there is so much emphasis on the use of sanitizers while we are outside. 

We have to go back in time to find out the reasons.

Why I Should use A sanitizer 

Of course to ensure our hands remain germ-free throughout the day. If we go a few years back, there was no stress on using sanitizers and people prefer using hand washes and soaps for cleaning purposes.

However, in sep-19 when Coronavirus prevailed and millions of people became victims. The government instructed to shut down all business and personal activities. Moreover, everyone was asked to remain home and avoid physical interaction. The main reason for the COVID-19 attacks was the close interaction between people. When they touched each other the virus transferred from person to person.

Therefore, it was advised to sit back home and peruse all activities. Moreover, there were strict instructions to use hand sanitizers at regular intervals to ensure your hands are clean. 

That’s how it started and people turned to use hand sanitizer after washing their hands with soap and water. Before COVID-19 sanitizers were only used in medical settings such as hospitals, medical stores, laboratories, operation theaters, etc.

Thankfully, Corunna’s situation is under control and life is back to being normal. However, the use of sanitizer is compulsory for every youngster and adult. It eliminates the risk of germs transmission from one to another. Moreover, ensuring you remain clean and germs-free. 


Does Sanitizer Damage Hands’ Skin?

Although there are multiple benefits of a hand sanitizer, however, it contains isopropyl alcohol which can dry your hand skin when used repeatedly. Therefore, it has become a debate between two people that sanitizer use is not healthy. 

While there is another group claiming we should use sanitizers to ensure germs don’t attack us. These claims are true that regular use of alcohol can dry your skin. As a result, manufacturers started putting a moisturizing formula in sanitizers to ensure they keep your hand’s skin soft. 

Moreover, these days’ sanitizers are also contributing to the improvement of your skin as well. They come packed with healthy ingredients to ensure your hands don’t become dry. Besides government also advises the manufacturer to pass their sanitizers through a third-party test to ensure it fulfills the standard of safety.

Now let’s get straight to the benefits of a hand sanitizer. 

Clean Your Hands Anywhere Anytime 

We are living in a world having several responsibilities. Which makes us go outside the house anytime in the day or even at night. After COVID-19 there is a strong need to keep our hands clean so they can remain germ-free. We have soap water and hand washes in our house for the purpose.

What to do when we are not in the home and our hands need to be clean. Here the sanitizers can help you with ease by offering an instant cleaning facility. The best part is you don’t need water for the purpose.

These pocket-size hand-killing formulas show their effect immediately by killing the viruses. Moreover, they are time-saving, you don’t have to go to a sink and rub soap over your hand, open the water and clean them.

Open the bottle cap of sanitizer and rub it over your hands. The process requires hardly 20-30 seconds and you are all done. Isopropyl alcohol in the sanitizers eliminates germs and reduces the risks of diseases.

Similarly, if you are going to an area where traffic is more than usual. You can carry this germ-killing formula along with it. It Fits easily inside your pocket or you can hang it in your car for instant cleaning. This way you are not only saving yourself from getting ill but also sending a message to everyone that how necessary is it to clean your hands.

Ending Notes 

Sanitizers are a moisturizing formula that softens your skin and reduces the risks of viruses. However, you have to be careful with your health as well. In case you are having any allergies please ask your health care expert to evaluate your health and suggest a sanitizer.

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