Fix QuickBooks Error code C=9

Best Methods To Fix QuickBooks Error Code C=9

Does Error Code C=9 create a mess in your QuickBooks? The data available in QuickBooks is very crucial for a company to maintain service records and employee records. All the important information like the exponential growth of a company or payroll service of the employees and data are very precious to store and manage. Still, sometimes an unusual error like C=9 can completely disturb your QuickBooks office and create a lot of trouble in your working process.

So today, we are going to talk about the QuickBooks error code C=9, including why you face this issue and how you can completely fix this problem from the system to use the QuickBooks service without any loss. Moreover, all kinds of information you seek regarding QuickBooks error message C=9 is completely discussed in this article.

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Causes and Effect of QuickBooks Error Code C=9

The list of major things that can lead to QuickBooks error C=9 are as:

  • If your system has improper or damaged installation of QuickBooks software.
  • If QuickBooks cannot read or operate the auxiliary file, you can find the such issue.


If any of the situations are happening in QuickBooks, it can damage your internal software data, including company files and other necessary files. In addition, it can also permanently shift the data from one drive to another automatically without permission, resulting in permanent or temporary loss of that data.


Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error Message C=9 

Before you fix the error code C=9 in QuickBooks, you should verify that you have a proper QuickBooks installation with. QBW files and extension.

  • You already have created a backup of the QuickBooks files into a safer drive.
  • All the logs and data files are available in the correct drive and the company file folder so that when you open QuickBooks, it does not create any other error. 

After confirming all the situations, you can proceed to various ways to fix your QuickBooks Error Code C=9.


1st Way: Using QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool

Installation Issues Tab In Tool Hub Image

It is the simplest way with the help of software. You can easily recover all the files and data, including company files and payroll services, and fix the corrupted data. Once all of your files are completely working and in a good state, you won’t be getting any such errors. The easiest way to run the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool is:

  • Install the QuickBooks tool hub after downloading it from a genuine source on the internet.
  • After installation, open the tool hub program.
  • Select the installation issue and then choose QuickBooks to install the diagnostic tool.
  • It will terminate all the damaged files or create problems in opening your QuickBooks or maintaining the services.
  • Once done, restart a computer, and you won’t have a C=9 error on your screen.


2nd Way: Rebuild Data

  • First, you have to open the application.
  • Select the file menu and drag your cursor to the utility option.
  • In the verify data segment, you will find Rebuild Data, select this option to remove any miscellaneous data problems in company files.
  • After completing all processes, you can restart the QuickBooks, and there will be no other such error.



Terminating the error code C=9 in QuickBooks is important because it can damage your data vigorously. Once this issue starts creating problems in your QuickBooks, it is very hard to recover from the situation. So, we suggest you resolve this issue as soon as possible. You can also connect with us through our QuickBooks error support team or live chat support option.

We have a team of the best experts and technicians that are always there to help you regarding any error with QuickBooks, including the C=9. If none of the situations is helping you terminate the error, you can directly reach our experts, who will guide you with all the correct assistance.

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