How To Give Vape Lovers A Unique Gift

Whether it’s someone’s birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, House warming party, or any other special occasion, the thought of giving gifts to your beloved one is confusing. It can consume hours of thinking about what should be the perfect gift like elf bar 1500 that they’ll love?

This blog is going to solve your problem and provide you with 5 gift ideas that you can give to your loved ones.

Four Amazing Gifts For Vape Lovers:

Following are some gifts that vape lovers are going to drool over:

1.  Disposable Vape

These disposable vapes like elf bar 1500 and elux legend 3500 puffs are most common in the vaping world. People buy these vapes and throw them off as soon as their e-liquid or battery is finished. These vapes gained fame early because they were not very expensive compared to conventional cigarettes. They are light on your budget and provide ease of carrying it around without taking special care of it like your precious baby.

Moreover, disposable vape like super stix vape 4000 offer a great chance to try out new flavours! They come in tremendous flavours, nic salt variety, and smooth vaping features.

2.   Vape Accessories

Vape accessories are similar to your everyday accessories. Just like wearing a watch, hat, or glasses as accessories, anything that adds beauty, charm, luxury, and versatility to your look, vape accessories do the same to vape! They can be anything, and the following are some mentioned.

●     Vape Protector Case

Vapes are sensitive things; they can get damaged or torn apart if fallen. It’s mandatory to keep your vape safe with the help of a vape protector case. You can gift a vape like elf bar 1500 case to your loved one; lots of varieties are available in vape cases.

Moreover, you can order customised vape cases specially made according to your loved one’s likes. For instance, you can print their picture, name, favourite fictional character, and so on.

●     Gift Boxes

Similar to Vape like elf bar 1500 protector cases, gift boxes can also be made customised on your order. However, gift boxes are boxes in which you can add anything you like such as a starter kit, battery, charger, e liquids, and much more.

Gift boxes can help you add in a little gesture note written by you. You can write your sentiments, wish them well, and anything else you want to say to them.

●     Extra Batteries

All vapes have their own battery life. Some are changeable, and others are non-changeable. Vape kits have changeable batteries. If your loved one owns a vape kit, extra batteries can be a great gift for them.

Having a good battery of vape means your vape can function smoothly, and you don’t have to worry about the charging time while enjoying vape. Extra batteries are an excellent gift you can give to a vape lover. It will prevent them from the constant worry of losing battery and produce as much vapour as they want.

3.   Pack of E-liquids:

E-liquids are the most special component of vaping. The richness, the flavour, the consistency, the nicotine strength; everything is in the e-liquid. You can order customised e-liquids according to their favourite flavour and the ratio of nicotine, VG, and PG levels.

Interestingly, there are packages available for buying e-liquids in bulk, such as buy 2 get 1 free, 30% off on 6 e-liquids, a pair of two e-liquids in different flavours, and so much more! Give your loved one a pair of e-liquids and see their enthusiastic reaction!

4.   Vape Starter Kits:

If you have an enthusiastic friend who’s always asking for a puff in a friend gathering. Vape starter kits can be a great gift for them!

Moreover, for someone who’s trying to leave cigarettes behind but can’t take the big step themselves. Lower down their trouble and help them out by gifting them a new vape starter kit. It will help them shift from cigarettes and lower the health concerns they may be facing by smoking cigarettes.

Furthermore, apart from vape starter kits, you can shake things up by gifting vape mod, pod mod, box mode, sub-ohm device, etc. Additionally, you can gift them a thin and slim disposable vape that needs no maintenance.

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