12 Tried and Tested DIY Hacks to Make Your House Shifting a Blissful Experience

12 Tried and Tested DIY Hacks to Make Your House Shifting a Blissful Experience

House shifting is an undertaking full of challenges and arduousness. It is advisable to hire professional packers and movers for a swift and smooth accomplishment of your move. Yet, if you have budget constraints or you are unable to find a free slot with the packers and movers in your area, you might have to consider moving the DIY way. Here are 12 tried and tested DIY hacks to make your house shifting a blissful experience. Check the following pointers:

1. Build a moving inventory

Out of the many courses of self-help in your DIY house shifting, the first course is to build a moving inventory. Allocate all the necessary preparatory house shifting activities among the number of days you have before the moving day. If you follow the moving inventory, you will be able to complete the allocated tasks on time. There will be no task left to do at the last minute. The entire shifting process will be planned and organised.

2. Clear out the mess

Don’t make the grim mistake of shifting everything under your roof. There are a fair number of things in your house that you will not need in the future. You should clear out those unnecessary things before you start with the DIY packing. Cutting down the size of your move will make it easier for you to pack them on your own. Again, as you rent a moving vehicle to transport the belongings from one house to another, moving fewer things will cost you lesser. So, clear out the pointless things amongst your belongings. You can further sell some of the old re-usable things to make some extra bucks as you shift your house.

3. Set apart the valuable objects

Shifting your house is a chaotic process in general. As you plan to pack and move all the belongings by yourself, the level of chaos increases. If truth be told, you cannot find the right things in the right places when you look around for them. So, it is better that you set apart the valuable objects much ahead of time. Keep all your prized pieces of jewellery, watches, expensive gadgets, confidential documents, etc. in a distinctive bag and carry it safely as you move from one house to another.

4. Buy good quality packing supplies

There is a common notion in our Indian household, we like to splurge on weddings but we act stingy when it comes to availing of services. Therefore, if you are conducting a DIY move because you don’t want to spend on packers and movers, please do not be close-fisted when you are buying packing supplies. Get good-quality packing supplies like packing boxes, bubble wraps, cardboard sheets, and packing tapes for your DIY packing. Good quality supplies will ensure that your belongings will reach your new house in perfect condition.

5. Allot some time each day for DIY packing

Make some time each day for your DIY packing purpose. You should make a routine for marking those particular hours in your regime. A month prior to your moving day is supposedly going to be a busy period for you. You have to organise your regime in such a way that you have enough time to carry out your office work, your household chores, and your DIY packing chores in a balanced way.

6. Pack an essentials kit

As you prepare for your house shifting, pack an essentials kit to help you get through the first day after you move into your new house. Pack some basic toiletries, dental kit, towels, bed sheets, a fresh set of clothes and undergarments, daily medications, etc. in a large tote bag and keep it handy during your move.

7. Label the packing boxes

The funny part about packing boxes is that they look the same from the outside. You cannot tell apart their contents after you pack them with your belongings. Therefore, you should label the packing boxes by marking them from the outside. You can use coloured-masking tape on the boxes and assign the boxes to the same room with a particular coloured tape. This way, you can identify which box belongs to which room without any difficulty. Furthermore, you can write down the contents of each box on its surface so that you can locate them whenever you need them after shifting.

 8. Don’t shove extra stuff in each box

As you pack each box with your belongings, don’t shove extra stuff by force. If you do so, there is a high chance of the box falling apart as soon as you try to move them while loading them on the moving vehicle.

9. Use right-sized packing boxes

Use small packing boxes to pack the heavy things and use big boxes to pack light-weight things. This will maintain a uniform balance in weight after you pack the boxes. It will be easier for you to load and unload the boxes to and from the moving vehicle respectively.

10. Don’t leave gaps inside the boxes

While packing the boxes, make sure that there are no gaps in between the belongings. If you leave gaps inside, the belongings will bump against each other leaving a fair chance of getting damaged. Stuff the gaps with pieces of newspaper, bits of cloth, or socks.

11. Use padding for fragile items

As you pack fragile items, use your bedspreads, clothes, and curtains as padding for your fragile belongings. This will ensure that your belongings remain safe even if they knock against each other or the walls of the moving vehicle.

12. Re-purpose household items

Use the existing items from your household to pack the belongings for your DIY house shifting. Use things like baskets, laundry bags, buckets, trash cans, suitcases, and luggage bags to pack your belongings. This way you can save a lot of space and you can save some money by buying less number of packing boxes.

In Brief

In reality, being independent is one of the best approaches to life. But as you shift your house from one place to another, especially from one city to another, it is an extravagant and daunting task to carry out on your own. Yet it is not an impossible mission to achieve; with the right plan, preparation, and execution, you can make it possible. Follow the aforementioned tried and tested DIY hacks to make your house shifting a blissful experience. So friends, have an independent and blissful move!

Author: Monali Swain

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