Benefits of an SEO-Friendly and Responsive Website.

Benefits of an SEO-Friendly and Responsive Website.

With advanced web trends, having a good and responsive web design is no more a luxury but has become a necessity. Moreover, creating a mobile-friendly website with the help of website designing services in Delhi is not just an alternative but a requisite for businesses dreaming of an online presence. According to reports, over 65% of web traffic comes from small-screen devices like smartphones and tablets making it important for the company to create a mobile-friendly website. This article will walk you through the benefits of an SEO-friendly and responsive website.

#1. Google prioritizes mobile-first

In recent years, Google has moved toward a mobile-first approach. Now that more users prefer searching from mobile devices, it has become increasingly important for websites to be easily rendered on small-screen devices. Therefore, companies are looking for Website Designing Services in Delhi that can create mobile-friendly websites. The main aim of Google is to provide valuable and accessible content to its users. Overall, Google favors websites that are optimized for mobile devices.

#2. Boost the Website user Experience

Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO is all about providing a qualitative, convenient, and friendly experience to the users. Several SEO strategies, including qualitative creation of the content, research for an appropriate keyword, mobile optimization, search engine listings, and so on, are combined with web designing services in Delhi to provide a better user experience for your website. It works for providing the users with what they are searching for which boosts user experience and engagement.

#3. Improved usability

Time of Page acts as a vital indication of whether the content posted on your website matches what the user is searching for and also whether they had a positive experience. The reasoning for this is that if visitors are unsatisfied with the content, then they are likely to abandon your site. It is the responsive web design that makes the website load faster, more accessible, and easy to navigate.

#4. Improved Website page speed

Another factor that greatly impacts your SEO and search rankings is the speed of the page. How quickly a website loads can either make or break the experience of the user with that particular site. It is with the professional help of Website Designing Company in Delhi that can offer quick web optimization without any hiccups. Mobile responsive websites are capable of loading faster on mobile as well as desktop devices.

#5. Avoid duplicate content

When prioritizing SEO and responsiveness of the website, you will automatically start paying attention to the overall content and UX of the site. And while responsive web design is not necessarily a mechanism following which the duplication of content can be prevented but it can help catch this common pitfall. Web designing services in Delhi are well aware of the responsive web design best practices that emphasize creating a single, mobile-responsive version of a site. It helps in preventing URL duplication across two versions of the site.

#6. Lower Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is defined as the rate that represents how quickly a website is visited and left by the users. This metric indicates whether your website satisfies the user’s search or not. A high bounce rate might hint at the website not loading quickly and providing a positive experience to the users. However, it does not come down to the content posted on the site. Although your content might be great, web design can make it difficult for the users to navigate it. Thus, users will drop off and start looking for the information on other sites.

#7. More social shares

Having a responsive website with the help of website designing services in Delhi will allow users to engage with your website, enjoy your content, and even share it on social media. Such professional designers build websites with social sharing capabilities in mind making it easier for the users to share your content across different social media platforms. Although there is no direct impact of social shares on the rankings, they do help in growing your audience online.

Wrap Up

Establishing a mobile-friendly strategy as the base of design will help you set up your website for success. A responsive design prioritizes users, makes it easy for them to engage with your site, and also gives the thumbs up to Google that your site is built for search on both small-screen and desktop devices. Web designing services in Delhi optimally plan the web design for your website in such a way that it can be easily accessible on any device.

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