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Net Health Agility and ICD-10-CM Coding

The new ICD standards have made it more important than ever to code correctly and efficiently. Agility keeps up with the latest ICD standards and updates its code maps every October. Accurate ICD-10-CM coding is critical to comply with carrier policy requirements, ensure medical necessity, and support reimbursement. In addition, Agility aligns E&M level mapping with provider documentation, so that codes are based on the right documentation and support appropriate reimbursement. The new Patient Over Paperwork initiative by CMS, announced recently, has created the need for accurate coding.

Occupational medicine electronic health record

The Occupational Medicine (OM) specialty has its own unique set of requirements for the EHR platform it uses. The discipline is diverse in scope and has distinct categories, including intensive management of industrial injuries and illnesses, longitudinal monitoring of occupational surveillance services, and reporting/tracking of employee health services. In addition to these unique requirements, occupational medicine also has several legal requirements that must be met for effective implementation of an OMR. Here are some tips to help your OMR integrate an EHR in your practice.

A committee convened by the Institute of Medicine examined the issue in the context of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act) of 2009. The committee concluded that the inclusion of occupational information in EHRs could improve public health surveillance and clinical care. A recent policy resolution from the Institute of Medicine supports the committee’s recommendations, including the development of meaningful use metrics for occupational health information in EHRs. Further, it urges stakeholders to develop the EHR’s functionality and user experience.


The cloud-based agility of a health insurance company’s core systems is a powerful enabler of better member experiences. For instance, members now find it easier to submit claim disputes or enroll in a new plan. On the payer’s end, the focus is on premium payments and the number of settlements. In turn, forward-thinking payers are transforming their operations by delivering a personalized digital experience to their patients.

One key feature of this new employee health software is the ability to track and report on employee exposure to illnesses and other diseases. This can be particularly beneficial in healthcare settings where outbreaks of COVID-19 are a regular occurrence. Employee health is a high priority for healthcare organizations, which can use a system like Net Health Agility to track employee wellness and compliance. Similarly, Agility can also be used by urgent care organizations to track employee health, preventing overexposures, and improving patient care.


If you’re looking for a reliable, integrated EHR system for your practice, then you’ve come to the right place. AgilityOM is available on-premise or as a hosted solution. Its intuitive interface and automatic functions help you optimize patient flow, track appointment status, and monitor patient location within your clinic. AgilityOM also integrates practice management tools, such as scheduling, billing, and productivity reporting. Additionally, it includes tools for managing visit protocols and occupational medicine.

On-premise systems are often more expensive than cloud computing. An on-premise system requires customers to maintain servers in their own data centers, which requires a large investment in space, hardware, and software. Many businesses find that upgrades are difficult and expensive. However, cloud-based solutions allow organizations to scale their infrastructure without the hassles associated with an on-premise installation. On-premise systems can also be more secure and reliable, which is important for organizations that need to ensure the health of their data.


ICD-10-CM has a great deal of potential for both the provider and payer community. The new standard will require a number of changes to healthcare systems, including a significant amount of documentation. Agility will help you stay up-to-date with the latest ICD standards and the latest code changes. You will also need accurate ICD-10-CM code selection to meet carrier policy requirements and reimbursement goals. Agility aligns E&M level mapping based on provider documentation. The latest CMS initiative, Patients Over Paperwork, will require that you keep up with this new standard.

Organizations must determine who they will involve in this effort and who will lead it. IT should facilitate the business side of the effort, and the CFO should ensure clinical and financial stakeholders are involved. It is critical that organizations identify whether the initiative will be viewed as an innovation, quality improvement, or compliance project. A comprehensive assessment will help determine which approach is best for the organization by Net Health Agility. ICD-10 implementation is the right time for you to begin planning for future change and consider how you can make it a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Mobile immunization tracking platform

If you are an employer and wish to keep track of the immunizations of your employees, the Mobile Immunization Tracking platform from Net Health is the solution you need. The web-based system can be used at any location for employee vaccinations, and enables electronic recording of consent forms. The system automatically pulls vaccination data from the CDC, ensuring accuracy of records and saving you time.

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The platform is designed to provide real-time compliance tracking and reporting through a dashboard. It also allows your employees to share responsibility for compliance through various levels of permission. With different permission levels, your employees can self-report and be monitored by supervisors or managers. It also lets you automate approval workflows and configure follow-up reminders. It also helps to track vaccination rates in different areas of your organization.

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