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Importance of Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Healthcare marketing agencies are certainly familiar with the term digital marketing. A time that has emerged in recent years, so what exactly is digital marketing? How is it different from marketing in general? Marketing that we already recognize and use in everyday terms? What are the benefits of marketing and digital marketing for us as Healthcare marketing agency business actors?

In this article, we from the Healthcare marketing agency School team have conducted a study on marketing and digital marketing for Healthcare marketing agencies. The study we did was based on research or field studies from various Healthcare marketing agencies that have implemented marketing methods with digital marketing techniques. These Healthcare marketing agencies are partners with Healthcare marketing agencies.

Do we have to understand what marketing is?

In general, the definition of marketing is a series of activities or activities that aim to market a product, either in the form of goods or services, in various ways so that the product is known, liked, and used by the wider community, in this case, the target market.

Additionally to the above understanding, marketing can also be interpreted as a combination of various interrelated activities with the main goal of knowing the needs of consumers or the market. In this case, the company in question is a Healthcare marketing agency business unit with various business activities carried out by each business unit.

So it can be said that the notion of marketing is a liaison between producers and consumers in a market. Starting from the production planning process to distribution and post-use by consumers.

Every company relies on the marketing team to generate sales and revenue in the business world. Because basically, a Healthcare marketing agency has the same way of working with companies in general.

Therefore, the marketing process becomes crucial for all businesses, whether personal businesses; so, according to the definition of marketing above, we can have an idea of ​​the function of marketing.

An important function of Healthcare marketing is agency marketing

1. Healthcare marketing agency Marketing has an Exchange Function

When we create and then run a business unit, it aims to make sales, whether in the form of products or services. It is important that these products or services can be reached or accessed by the wider community or the existing target market.

Thus, through marketing activities, the goods or services produced by the Healthcare marketing agency business unit will be known and in demand by the wider community as the target market. In this case, the Healthcare marketing agency carries out an exchange function, namely when consumers purchase products or services by exchanging their money for products or services offered by the Healthcare marketing agency business unit.

2. Healthcare marketing agency Marketing has a Physical Distribution Function

A product or service run by the Healthcare marketing agency business unit requires distribution so that the market, in this case, the community, can own or obtain these goods and services. Therefore, there is a need for physical distribution activities.

For example, a Healthcare marketing agency business unit produces handicrafts so that handicraft products can reach consumers. Distribution activities are needed, namely through various processes, ranging from collection, classification, storage, and packing to delivery to locations closest to consumers.

The work of this distribution is carried out by the Healthcare marketing agency marketing team, in addition to ensuring the goods arrive and establishing wider relationships while taking a deeper look at the market potential in the delivery area.

3. Healthcare marketing agency Marketing has an Intermediary Function

In addition to carrying out exchange and distribution functions, Healthcare marketing agency marketing also carries out an intermediary function. So that the Healthcare marketing agency marketing team acts as an intermediary between producers, in this case, the Healthcare marketing agency business unit, and the market, in this case, consumers, parties with business interests, and investors.

In carrying out this function, the marketing team will run in various ways, for example, through information search, financing, product classification, etc. So, here the marketing team does not just market products or services but also offers greater cooperation with third parties, or when additional capital is needed, the function of intermediary for information on the funding needs of business units and potential investors can be carried out by the Healthcare marketing agency marketing team.

The three functions above are a big picture of the marketing function of a Healthcare marketing agency, which functions as a liaison for the delivery of business units to outside parties, be it the market or potential investors and other parties. Well, we have discussed what Healthcare marketing agency marketing is, then let’s understand what is Healthcare marketing agency’s digital marketing is?

What is digital marketing?

The term digital marketing has become so familiar in recent years. The term digital marketing has been widely recognized by the public and has become a marketing model that follows the times, namely the development of technology and information.

Today, people no longer have to buy products or services directly but can carry out shopping activities only through the palm of their hands, namely by shopping online. Different models, evolving times, and changing ways of shopping are all in line with the changes that occur. As a result, we can see the growth and development of various marketplaces and online shopping sites, be they group, company-owned, or private.

The development of the digital world is so rapid. It has penetrated the business sector, making companies compete with each other to find candidates for digital marketer workers to support their businesses. Therefore, it is not surprising that digital marketing is now a separate profession. In addition to the growing axis of digital marketing services, they are also run by independent agencies.

So, what about a Healthcare marketing agency? Of course, Healthcare marketing agencies must take part in the development of this digital world, considering that Healthcare marketing agency also runs businesses that require a market as a buyer or target market. So existing developments need to be followed, and digital marketing methods must be mastered because the world is rushing toward the digital era.

Healthcare marketing agencies must be aware of digital marketing! Why? Because in this all-digital era, marketing through digital media is very important, and the market has gradually shifted to digital media. Someone will search for a product by just clicking through the search page on Google, or when someone wants to look for village tourism visits, then he will also search on Google or social media.

Let’s go deeper. What is digital marketing?

We have discussed marketing and digital marketing before, so what exactly is digital marketing? Digital marketing can be interpreted as the process of marketing products and services carried out using digital media. The main goal of this marketing is to reach as many target markets as efficiently, much more personalized and relevant.

In this digital marketing, several factors will be carried out, namely psychological, humanist, anthropological, and technological factors, which will become new media with large, interactive, and multimedia capacities. Therefore, in the consumer digital marketing model, marketers and producers will interact with each other personally and cover or can be seen by a wide audience.

It can be said that digital marketing is no longer a barrier between producers and consumers. Therefore, service to consumers is very important in running a digital marketing model. Furthermore, digital marketing combines techniques and knowledge in market psychology and technology. Therefore, it will be different from traditional marketing or marketing models that advertise through billboards, and this digital marketing uses various digital platforms as its marketing media.

For those of you who are Healthcare marketing agency managers, if you want to learn digital marketing. It becomes very important that you know in advance what strategies or methods are included in digital marketing practices.

Many techniques and practices must be applied in the digital marketing category. With the dependence on offline marketing, digital marketing combines other main elements such as mobile phones, SMS (text messages sent via cellphone), chat, social bush, email, social media, and displaying digital advertisements.

What is the Digital Marketing Categories?

Five categories are included in digital marketing. Below is each category and its explanation! Of course, in the discussion below, we will use more terms that may not be familiar, but basically, this explanation is an initial introduction to understanding what digital marketing is.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is an attempt to optimize the website we use in digital marketing so that our website gets good rankings from search engines like Google.

The main purpose of SEO is to make our website easier to find by internet users accessing search engines. So the possibility of people knowing our products or services will be even greater. SEO is divided into two, namely, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

For example, your Healthcare marketing agency is engaged in tourism, so it is necessary to have a website that provides information about tourism and your village so that people will know what you can get when visiting your Healthcare marketing agency’s tourist village. Without clear information, potential visitors will be penalized or hesitate to visit your tourist location.

Therefore, website development is crucial considering the website is the main representation of the business, in this case, your healthcare marketing agency with various business units. For example, imagine when your Healthcare marketing agency runs a tourism business unit.

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEM in the world of digital marketing has the same goal as SEO, which is to display your website on search pages just like Google so that your website will be easy to find.

3. Content Marketing

In that case, we will talk about how to create content.

In general, Content Marketing is a marketing method that is focused on creating and distributing content. What kind of content will answer? Content that is relevant and consistent attracts and retains an audience. What kind of audience? The intended audience has been clearly defined as your target market. The goal? Just like marketing as a whole, namely to drive customer action so that it can generate profits.

4. Social Media Marketing

In the most recent developments, the media used to distribute content is social media. Therefore, this channel is called Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Social Media Marketing is one way you can do on the Internet to improve your Healthcare marketing agency business unit. Why is this important? Social media is a way for people to communicate and interact online. Imagine when your Healthcare marketing agency can attract the market from social media.

Therefore, something viral will attract attention. Therefore, Healthcare marketing agencies must have social media and a marketing team that understands how to run healthcare social media marketing.

So, what social media can you use? All social media can be used, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. First, of course, by understanding the advantages and audiences of each existing social media.

5. Advertising on the Internet

This is because there are so many models or ways to create digital advertisements, whether those offered by social media such as Facebook and Instagram or those from the Google search engine, to increase web rankings to the top position.

This model will only offer advertisers (advertisers) to pay if someone clicks on their ad. So it is considered the fairest and cheapest.

It is also important for Healthcare marketing agency managers to know the development of the latest digital marketing trends. Why? Because marketing science is developing and adapting continuously along with changes in market behavior. Don’t miss updates on methods or shifts in digital marketing techniques.

What are the steps in digital marketing?

Running digital marketing requires steps. Why is that? In digital marketing, there is the term AIDA: Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. These steps must be used as guidelines, especially in introducing products or services to the wider market.

What is AIDA? Here’s a brief explanation:

1. Awareness (Awareness)

Awareness is important in marketing, and this applies to digital marketing models or digital marketing. Therefore, the Healthcare marketing agency manager, in this case, the Healthcare marketing agency marketing team, needs to create content or advertisements that can build audience and market awareness.

The advertisement in question does not have to be in advertising language. Still, it can change the content of invitations and information that can raise awareness of the importance of the products or services offered by the Healthcare marketing agency.

2. Interest

Interest will emerge after the Healthcare marketing agency marketing team can build awareness among consumers.

If in the offline marketing system, consumers immediately look for information in the market. Online marketing system, consumers will find out about products through search engines Google, Yahoo, and social networks Facebook, Twitter, etc. Therefore, create interest in consumers to act, be it by buying or using services. For example, the business unit is tourism, so make potential tourists interested in visiting your Healthcare marketing agency tourist village.

3. Desire

After awareness occurs and there is interest, the marketing team must be able to make sure the market has the desire to act to buy or visit, a real desire, not just being interested.

One of the characteristics that consumers desire in the digital world is when consumers search for complete information about products or services through websites. Then, visit the website and make contact or call.

4. Action

When there is awareness, there is interest, desire, and action. Action is the last stage as a determination from the consumer to the product or service.

In this series, the Healthcare marketing agency’s digital marketing team must ensure that the audience arrives at taking action so that the marketing strategy is successful and provides benefits or advantages.

Digital Marketing Training

As we discussed above, the importance of digital marketing in an online world. Moreover, the development of the online realm is increasingly growing and expanding to various fields. This case, of course, applies to industry or Healthcare marketing agency business units.

What are the benefits of Digital Marketing Education and Training for Healthcare marketing agency Managers?

  1. Healthcare marketing agency managers will know more about marketing in the digital era.
  2. Healthcare marketing agency managers will know what digital marketing goals are for Healthcare marketing agency business units.
  3. Healthcare marketing agency managers will have a more mature business unit concept.
  4. The Healthcare marketing agency manager will understand the business unit’s future business direction.
  5. The Healthcare marketing agency manager will have a strategy to accelerate the success of the Healthcare marketing agency business unit.

For information, the Healthcare marketing agency School receives daily visits to the Healthcare marketing agency School. In general, the Healthcare marketing agency School program: 1. Business Health Checks to determine the Healthcare marketing agency typology. 2. Several thematic training according to need, whether Start Up or Scale Up 3. Mentoring a combination of face-to-face and Online Remote Assistance. 4. Monitoring the progress and performance of the Healthcare marketing agency with SAAB. 5. Review the Healthcare marketing agency with the Healthcare marketing agency Accreditation system.

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