Fix QuickBooks Error 9999

5 Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Error 9999 in Online Banking


QuickBooks Desktop accounting software users face “Error 9999” when attempting to connect with their bank accounts and the QuickBooks app after an update. This blog will discuss the symptoms and how to fix QuickBooks Error 9999. Users can resolve this error by following the step-by-step guide. So, keep reading!

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Symptom of QuickBooks Error 9999

Users encounter QuickBooks Error 9999 when a browser fails to execute a script from the website hosted by a third-party domain. For example, people can ascertain error 9999 if, after an update, they cannot update the bank feed or download transactions from the bank’s website.

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Solutions for QuickBooks Error Code 9999

Now, we’ll discuss how to fix QuickBooks Error 9999 in Online Booking. Users are requested to follow the solutions step-by-step for better results.

Solution 1: Update Credentials of Your Bank

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Sometimes the outdated credentials on your credit card or bank account lead to Error 9999. Thus, first, users shall update their bank details before moving ahead with other solutions.

  • Go to the “QuickBooks Online” website.
  • Switch to the “Banking” tab and click on “Update.”
  • Try these steps 3-4 times and wait for the problem to resolve.


Solution 2: Sweeping the Browser’s cache files

Cache” files are minor data carrying files that make accessing any website a lot easier and faster but sometimes become the cause of multiple errors. Clearing “Cache” files is a primary method of troubleshooting errors because the data held by the old “cache” files might be different from the updated website.

For Google Chrome

Delete All The Cookies And Temporary Internet Files In The Browser Screenshot

  • Open the “Google Chrome” browser and type “chrome://settings//Clear BrowserData” in the address bar, and press “Enter.”
  • Tick mark all the “cached files and files” checkbox.
  • Tap on the “Clear Data” button.


For Internet Explorer

  • Hit the “Ctrl+Shift+Delete” key combination on your keyboard after opening the browser.
  • Next, select the “Temporary Internet Files and Website Files” checkbox on the “Delete Browsing History” tab.
  • Tap on “Delete” to clear all the cache and temporary files.

 Mozilla Firefox

  • Open “Mozilla Firefox” and type “about preferences privacy” in the address bar and hit the “Enter” key.
  • Tap on the “Clear your recent history” button.
  • Select “Cache” from the list and click on “Clear now.

Solution 3: Connecting and Disconnection Your Bank Account to Rectify Error 9999

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Steps to Disconnect Bank Account from QuickBooks Online

  • Go to “QuickBooks Online” and select “Banking” from the left side menu.
  • Tap the “Edit” icon on the account you wish to disconnect.
  • Opt for the “Disconnect this account from saving” option in the “Account” window.
  • Finally, click on “Save & Close.”

Steps to Connect Bank Account from QuickBooks Online

  • Again, head to the “Banking” tab on the left menu and opt for the “Add Account” option.
  • Submit your banking credentials in the dialog box and press “Continue.”
  • Go through the “Security Verification” process and follow each step correctly.
  • Tap on “Securely Connect” and then opt for the “Bank Icon” besides the bank account you wish to add.
  • Select your “Account Type” from the drop-down menu.
  • Opt between a “Credit Card Account” or “Bank Account” type.
  • Hit on “+Add New” if you don’t have an account and press “Continue.”

Solution 4: Attempt accessing your account through your Bank’s website from the “Web Browser.”

  • Go to your Bank’s online portal.
  • Enter your “User ID” and “Login Password.”
  • Some banks also send an “OTP” before logging in to the account, so please look for that.
  • After successful logging into your goes through all the transactions.
  • Also, try to transfer/receive an amount just to check your online account activity.


Solution 5: Import Transaction Manually in QuickBooks Online

Opt for this method only when all solutions don’t provide any result, which is lengthy and time-consuming. Also, it’s a temporary solution.

  • Head to your Bank’s online portal.
  • Download all the transactions in “.QBO” format.
  • After successful download of transactions, import them to QuickBooks Online.



Amongst all the other senses, QuickBooks Online’s inability to connect with the bank servers due to a breakdown in script hosted by a third-party domain is the most common. Therefore, users are advised to try out multiple solutions like updating their bank credentials, clearing all the cache files, disconnecting and reconnecting the bank account from QuickBooks Online, and accessing their bank account through the bank’s online portal. Users can resolve QuickBooks Error 9999 by following all the steps mentioned in each solution.

If users still face error 9999 after trying out all the solutions, they can reach QuickBooks online error support team through our Live chat or helpline number i.e., 1-800-615-2347.

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