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How To Install Temporary Security Fence Panels Correctly.

Whether you run a construction site or are managing an outdoor event, temporary security fence panels will be your most important investment. These panels serve as effective barriers that prevent excess crowds, offer you adequate privacy, and keep people and materials safe. They can also be shifted as needed depending on the changing needs of your project. Temporary fencing is just like cladding a house.

So, with an installation of such critical importance, how do you go about installing them correctly and safely?

Our fencing specialists at Battlefield Supply will help you do just that. Just follow these steps to ensure that your project site is safe:

Know Your Space

Knowing and assessing your space is the paramount factor in gaining the benefits of a temporary security fence panel. Whether it’s a construction site or an event location, you need to know whether the ground is level and solid. A level and solid foundation are essential for installing a stable fence and securing your site. 

Installing temporary fence panels on slippery or slushy surfaces or where there are changes in elevation is not a good idea. You can either do this assessment on your own or have professional site surveyors look at your space.

Establish The Boundary Area

Once your site is assessed and deemed okay for installing temporary security panels and you have an idea where it is to be located, you need to define the boundary line. You can do this by either setting up cones or using spray paint. 

This has two advantages- it allows your see visualize the fencing better and keeps the general public away while you work towards installing the fence.

Set Up The Base

This is the step where you lay out the base blocks to secure your temporary fencing panels. These blocks come with your fencing rental and are heavy enough to keep your fence secured along your perimeter. 

Just lay the first block and place the leg of the fence panel in this block. Now put another block under the fence panel on the other side and add the panel to that block. Use the same technique around your entire perimeter.

Install Fence Clamps

Now that you have the ‘feet’ of the entire fence in place, you need to connect the temporary fence panels using fence clamps. These clamps help in stabilizing your fence and prevent it from wobbling. Once the clamps are put in their place, tighten the nut and bolt it fast enough. 

Attach The Safety Posts

Safety posts, also known as safety struts, are a critical part of temporary security fencing installation. They keep the fence in its place and don’t let it topple over, especially during high winds. 

These struts are attached to the back of the fence panels through brackets near the middle and end of the fencing. Once you install all of them, make sure to weigh them down to increase the stability of the fence. You may use either concrete blocks or sandbags.

Use Wrapping Around The Fence

Using wrapping on your temporary panels comes in handy especially when it is installed on a construction site. It prevents the dust and debris from escaping the site and polluting the nearby areas. You may either use a banner mesh or a cloth roll. All you need to do is to roll this on over your fence panels and secure it tightly with ties or clips to prevent it from sliding down.

Keep A Check On Your Fence 

Merely installing the fence is half the work done. It also needs to be inspected and maintained regularly. This is mainly because temporary fence panels tend to shift over time, especially when they are installed in public areas. They may also shift during inclement weather. 

You need to take certain steps to make sure they are secured firmly to the ground and are not causing problems for the public. These include checking for weeds and removing them. Inspect your sandbags regularly as they may leak over time. Damaged sandbags must be replaced immediately.

Keeping these essential points in mind while installing your temporary security fence panels will make sure that they don’t fall. To ensure that your site is 100 percent secure, get in touch with the fencing specialists at Battlefield Supply to conduct a site survey and help you with installing the fence securely. 


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