Practising Paschimottanasana removes these 6 diseases, know how to do and precautions

Practising Paschimottasana, know how to do and precautions

The practice of yoga daily is very beneficial to keep the body and mind calm, healthy and fit. In the science of yoga, it has been told about the practice of different yoga asanas for different problems of the body. Each yoga asana focuses on different parts of the body. International Yoga Day is celebrated all over the world in view of the benefits of yoga and its usefulness to overcome diseases, both yoga and pranayama work to make the body fit and healthy. Today we will tell you about Paschimottasana / Forward Bend Pose, whose practice not only keeps the body fit and healthy but is also very beneficial to overcome many serious diseases. Let us know the benefits, methods and necessary precautions of practicing Paschimottasana.

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Benefits of practicing Paschimottasana:

The practice of Paschimottasana is very beneficial for increasing the power of body and mind and getting rid of mental problems. You can practice it easily. While practicing Paschimottasana, the back part of your body is stretched and its practice is very beneficial in problems related to back and spine. By practicing Paschimottasana, you benefit from these diseases.


1. beneficial in sleep problems

Practicing Paschimottasana is very beneficial in many sleep related problems. Practicing this yoga posture also benefits in the problem of high blood pressure and due to this your sleep is better. Practic it properly daily also gives you benefit in the problem of insomnia.


2. Beneficial in the problem of high blood pressure

The practice of Paschimottasana is very beneficial in the problem of high blood pressure. Practicing this also improves blood circulation in the body and benefits in heart related problems. Your problems increase due to uncontrolled blood flow in the body. By practicing Paschimottasana daily, your blood flow remains balanced.


3. In Sinus Problem

Regular practice of Paschimottasana gives you great benefit in sinus problems. Sinus is actually a serious problem related to breathing, in this problem the patient has difficulty in breathing. While practicing this yoga asana, attention is paid to the process of breathing.


4. Beneficial for removing mental illnesses

Practicing Paschimottasana daily is beneficial to get rid of mental illnesses. Regular practice of Paschimottasana is very beneficial to overcome the problem of depression, anxiety and stress. You can overcome mental problems by practicing it for some time daily.


5. In the problem of obesity

Due to an unbalanced diet and poor lifestyle, the problem of obesity is increasing rapidly in today’s time. The practice of Paschimottasana is very beneficial to remove obesity. Practicing Paschimottasana daily is very beneficial to remove the increased fat on the stomach.


6. Beneficial in stomach related diseases

Regular practice of Paschimottasana is very beneficial in serious diseases related to the stomach. You can easily overcome problems like gas problem, constipation problem and indigestion by regular practice of this yoga asana.


How to practice Paschimottasana:

To practice Paschimottasana, you follow these steps-

  • First of all, sit in Sukhasana and take deep breaths and release, it calms the mind.
  • Now open both your legs in front of you and sit straight, both the heels and toes will be mixed.
  • Now while exhaling and bending forward, hold the toes of both the feet with both the hands, then touch the forehead with the knees and both the elbows will remain on the ground, as you can see in the pictures.
  • Keep yourself in this position for 30 to 60 seconds, keep taking slow breaths.
  • Now come back to your former position and relax.



While practicing Paschimottasana, you must take care of some precautions. Paschimottasana should not be practiced if you have a hamstring injury and lower back pain or injury. It is advisable not to practice this yoga posture in the problem of asthma, ulcer and slip disc. It can be harmful for pregnant women to practice this yoga asana.

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