Biometrics on smartphone

Biometrics on smartphone: Is it Good for Us?

The features of smartphones have been ever evolving since the day of their launch. Whether we talk about Android or iOS devices, all of them are unique in their features. No company or brand has ever stopped or degraded to any level of introducing new features. However, when we talk about smartphones we also have to keep in mind the security or privacy of the user. The smartphone contains all information about the user whether it is personal or work-related. As we keep on using the device daily and carried all around, we have to protect it. Just like we put a lock on the door of our house while we leave, there is a lock on our smartphone as well.


The lock screen of the smartphone 

You will want to sell the old mobile phone in India if you do not have the extraordinary features of unlocking your device. The lock screen of a smartphone is designed differently. We have the option on our cell phone to customize the lock screen password as per our choices. The lock screen of a smartphone will only display the wallpaper that is chosen by the user. Other information can be displayed such as notification of any messages or other applications. Also, any missed calls or reminders can be seen.

However, many mobile phones have also introduced the feature to hide notifications from appearing on the lock screen. However, other information such as medical ID or emergency call feature can be seen on the lock screen as well. Users can also access the camera without unlocking the mobile phone. However, users cannot look into the gallery or photos of the smartphone until they unlock the device.


  1. Password protected

The password or passcode-protected smartphone is a normal thing today. We see that each of the users has designed a different passcode for their mobile phones. This is mandatory as we have to protect the data on a smartphone. Especially, in cases where people lose their smartphone or get their smartphone stolen. This is a mandatory step to be followed otherwise anyone who gets access to a smartphone will also have the access to all your data. A few years ago the passcode protection was designed differently with the help of Maze lock. Android users could design their maze lock or pattern lock to unlock the device.


  1. Biometrics protected

Biometrix got introduced just a few years ago and it took us to a new level of security. Biometrics includes any kind of fingerprint recognition lock or Face ID recognition. These kinds of security methods are high and security methods cannot be easily hacked. Each of us has different fingerprints and facial features which helps us to design this security method. However, if you fail to provide the required details you will always be asked for a passcode.

Users have complained that sometimes they are unable to unlock the device because the fingerprint sensor doesn’t respond. You might have some kind of dirt or dust on your fingers which might be creating a barrier for you while opening the phone. Similarly, Face ID recognition face a lot of criticism when Covid came in. As users were not able to unlock the mobile phone with a mask on their face. However, iPhone has introduced an upgrade for this. people can select the option of having a mask on their face and yet unlocking the iPhone.


  • Fingerprint recognition

A fingerprint sensor might seem like an easy mechanism. How it works is what we can figure out through its sensors. The fingerprint sensor uses a grid of tiny capacitors which can store electricity within them. They recognize the fingerprint only when it touches the sensors. The capacitors can use the map of the pattern to track down your fingerprint.

It can also sense the force that is applied while supporting these sensors. Another form of fingerprint technique is ultrasonics. Ultrasonic scanning is used for medical purposes which can also reflect the pulse of the user in stop however, the sensors on a smartphone are used to understand the 3D shape of the fingerprint. However, you might need a mobile repair shop near you to fix the issue of sensors if it is not working properly.


  • Face ID

The face ID or recognition is also centered around the sensors of your mobile phone. Face ID technology uses the most advanced hardware as well as software techniques. The camera captures the face while you register your facial features. It analyses the thousands of unique details on your face to save it. The Face ID recognition automatically will capture the appearance of your face.

Even other added appearances such as wearing cosmetic makeup or having a beard on your face. Also, having glares or specs or any other kind of jewelry. Once you register your facial features it will also confirm your identity by choosing the passcode and confirming it. Face ID can work with hats or contact lenses and even sunglasses. However, it might sometimes deny these.




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