Learn Korean Language

Tips For Learning Korean Language For Beginners

To learn Korean language,  the first thing you have to do is to learn Hanguel (Korean alphabet). It comprised 21 vowels and 19 consonants. The correct name for the written form of Korean is Hanguel, albeit different sources may spell it differently in English. Chinese characters were used to write Korean before the hangul alphabet took its place.

Path to learn Korean Language

  • Any language you learn might be overwhelming at first. In a week, you won’t be able to maintain a 20-minute conversation. And if you set your goals too high, you’ll lose motivation.
  • Consider breaking up your language study into manageable chunks. Make it a habit to learn something new about Korean every day. Only 15 minutes are required. Learning in tiny chunks is more effective than picking a day of the week and attempting to study for two or three hours, you’ll discover.

Learn Hanguel First

  • In order to learn Korean language,you might find Korean’s reading and writing system, known as Hangul, to be difficult. Don’t worry though; learning Hangul is quite simple. In about 20 minutes, you can learn the Korean writing system. Additionally, being able to read in your target language can greatly aid your progress toward fluency.
  • There are 40 “letters” in Hangul, including 21 vowels and 19 consonants. The shapes that our mouths take when we talk are the inspiration for the Hangul consonant shapes. Vertical and horizontal lines make up the vowels. This way will help you a lot to start Korean Language Learning.

Learn Korean Vocabulary On Your Own

  • You’ll be astonished at how rapidly you build up your vocabulary if you start out small. Do you recall when you first learned your native tongue? Most likely not, but you eventually had to learn all the words you are familiar with. Furthermore, it didn’t occur all at once.
  • However, acquiring random words that you don’t see yourself needing anytime soon might get boring while you’re learning a second language.
  • Start by learning phrases that have direct application to your life. This contains digits, days of the week, and common conversational constructs like “hello.”
  • Once you are proficient in those, go on to vocabulary that interests you. Do you enjoy eating? Start becoming familiar with the names of various food items and dishes. Do you intend to learn Korean language in order to teach it one day? Learn words that are used in the education sector.

Helpful Activities While Learning Korean Language

Apart from learning Korean language from books, there are many activities that will help you in learning Korean language more effectively and efficiently.

Use Your Smartphone

  • There are so many apps available that it can be confusing which one to use. Both DuoLingo and Lingodeer, which are accessible for free on mobile, are good places to start. Anyone learning a language is familiar with DuoLingo, and it’s an excellent place to start with learning the Korean alphabet before continuing.
  • If you already understand the fundamentals, Lingodeer provides you with more in-depth grammar rules and examples to learn. It also allows you to test your pronunciation by recording your voice and playing it back.

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Watch Korean Drama & Movies

  • Need a reason to make watching TV appear more instructive? Turn on the Netflix extension for language learning. So that you may compare the audio and text across the two languages, Korean subtitles are displayed alongside ones in your language. You’ll complete some studies while watching your favourite television shows.
  • Naturally, it would also be beneficial if you start using Korean subtitles on any online video that you stream and where they are offered and you are able to understand the original language.

Learn Korean Typing

Learn Korean typing from various websites and practice it as much as you can to master Korean typing. It will help you alot in searching Korean content online.

I hope the above article will help you to start your journey of learning Korean language.

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