5 Clever Tips: Deep Wave Bundles With Closure

The hair has seen us through our best and worst days. This list goes on and on, starting with when we first learned how to straighten it, curl it (and then curl it with a straightener), crimp it, and braid it. Heat damage has almost always outweighed the look we ladies have always tried to give deep wave bundles with closure hair over the years, but with all of the extra time at home, there’s never been a better opportunity to show your hair some love. If you’re unsure where to begin, try one of the 5 methods listed below to restore deep wave bundles with closure hair to their healthiest state.

1. Experiment With DIY

It is the most cost-effective way to nourish your closure hair. These all-natural DIY hair masks are made with ingredients you can find at your local grocery store. Take some time out of your day to give your hair the attention it deserves with these DIY hair masks.

2. Concentrate On Your Scalp

Do you have the sensation that your scalp is overly dry? Before you do anything else, make sure you’re drinking enough water. Staying hydrated is critical for keeping your scalp and skin nourished. Before treating your itchy or dry scalp, you must first understand the causes and symptoms of the condition.

3. Repair The Damage Of Deep Wave Bundles With Closure

Heat, pollution, and toxic products are a few factors that harm our hair daily. Now that we’re inside, we have a great opportunity to repair all of the damage. We have got you covered Whether your have a oily, dry hair  or in need of some extra nourishment.

4. Lubricate Deep Wave Bundles With Closure

Oils are all the rage in skin and hair care right now, and if you haven’t jumped on board yet, now is the time! They’re filling, great for self-care, and will leave you feeling great. Find two of the best hair oils in the list below.

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is considered the holy grail of hair oils. It acts as a heat protector, intensely moisturizes deep wave bundles with closure strands, prevents damaged hair and breakage, aids hair growth, and prevents hair loss. Because of its moisture-retaining properties, Coconut oil remains inside the hair rather than evaporating, making it one of the most effective hair treatments available.

  • Baobab Oil

Because baobab oil is high in antioxidants, vitamins, and omega-fatty acids, it has numerous benefits for your hair. Applying the oil to your hair will increase moisture and shine while strengthening dry or brittle hair. It can also be used to treat dandruff and promote hair growth. The oil is light and quickly absorbs, preventing your bundles from becoming greasy. What’s not to appreciate about that?

5. Create A Nighttime Bundles Hair Care Routine

We all concentrate on our nightly skincare routines, but what about our hair? Your hair and scalp deserve equal love and attention, so brush your hair, apply a mask, and sleep on a silk pillowcase for the best results.

Tips For Preventing Deep Wave Bundle With Closure Tangling

Whether you like it or not, our hair and hair extensions will tangle, especially if you fall into one of the above categories. While there is no magic formula for permanently removing tangles, there are some things you can do to reduce tangling and the damage caused by detangling your hair.

  • Condition Your Hair

Never, ever, ever skip the conditioner. Conditioning your deep wave hair after shampooing will replenish moisture, leaving it smoother and less prone to tangling. Tip: After washing your hair, apply a hydrating conditioner like our High Gloss Smoothing Conditioner, and then wash your body, shave, and sing in the shower before rinsing it out. This allows the conditioner to soak the hair for longer, increasing its effectiveness.

  •  Once A Week, Apply A Hair Mask To Your Hair

If you are not the type of girl who enjoys doing hair masks, it’s time to reconsider. Even if you only use a hair mask once a week for 30 minutes, it will significantly improve the condition of your hair. Hair masks are quick, highly effective treatments that replenish lost moisture and nutrients in the hair, leaving it silky, shiny, healthy, and less prone to tangling overall.

You will surely have healthy hair if you follow or adopt at least one of the above methods to restore your deep wave bundles with closure or virgin hair bundles. Achieve an amazing look always with a proper hair care routine. 


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