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Jaipur is a place that can offer many reasons to travel. Jaipur is a wonderful place to visit, with its stunning architectural landmarks and the chance to spend quality time with loved ones. This article may be of interest to you if you think there aren’t many fun things to do at Jaipur.

Jaipur has many activities that will make you feel special. To make the most of every moment you spend, enjoy your city tour.

You can also enjoy motorsports in jaipur, at motor park, with minimum fee, you can have adventures.


Weekend Fun and Entertainment


The beautiful view at Jal Mahal Jaipur

You have missed Jaipur’s beauty and wonder at Jal Mahal. It is simply stunning and awe inspiring in its beauty. The perfect blend of Rajput and Mughal architectures will delight you. The place’s interiors are a beautiful addition to its beauty.

This is the ideal place to host a party or have an enjoyable evening with your friends.



Cycling at Nahargarh Fort Jaipur

Nahargarh Fort, which is a perfect mix of European and Indian architecture, is the ideal place to cycle. It is an enjoyable experience to cycle through the fort. Will love every minute of it.

You will discover the beauty and interiors of the fort as you ride through it. You can also enjoy delicious snacks later on after your cycling adventure.

Timings: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Entry Fee: INR 20 Indians and INR 50 Foreigners


Visit the Wax Statue Museum Jaipur

You can also visit wax statue museum, which contains wax statues representing 32 prominent personalities.

This place is a major attraction in Jaipur, and it is also one of its most popular. Its energy is also enhanced by the ambiance.

Timings: 10:00 AM-6:30PM

Entry fee: INR 350 per head


Jeep Safari at Nahargarh Biological Park 

One of the most memorable experiences is jeep safari in Nahargarh Biological Park. Imagine the excitement of seeing some of the wildlife and spices on a jeep safari. It’s an unforgettable experience you will never forget.

This is one of many popular attractions that draws tourists to the area. Nahargarh Biological Park covers approximately 7.2 Kms. The main attraction of the jeep safari is the lions.

Timings: 6 AM-10PM

Adult Entry Fee: INR 2200


Hot Air Balloon Ride 

This was something you had always wanted to do. Jaipur is the perfect place to take a breathtaking ride in a hot air balloon.

This ride is located near Jamnalal Bajaj Road. You will see many of the attractions in the city. It will be a memorable experience.

Price: INR 7500-12,000 per person

The best time to start is October to April


Explore the Different Monuments Jaipur

You can’t complete your Jaipur tour if you don’t see the beautiful monuments of Jaipur. It is home to many stunning monuments that attract tourists all year.

You won’t regret going to this place for its architectural beauty and incredible interiors. You can also visit the Nahargarh Fort Fort, City Palace, Jantar Mantar and other important places. These are just a few of the most important places in Jaipur.

Timings: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Visit Birla Mandir Jaipur

If you are looking to have fun with loved ones and your family, visiting one of Jaipur’s magnificent temples will never be out of style.

It is a beautiful temple made from white marbles that should be seen during your tour. You will be astonished by the peaceful setting and stunning beauty of this place. It is also a great place to have a good time.

Timings: 6AM-12PM, 3PM-9PM

Entry fee waived


Fly like a Fox Jaipur

You will love being a flying Fox at the Neemrana Jaipur location if you love adventure and trying new things.

Neemrana, which is known for offering some of the most adventurous sports and activities to people, is one of Jaipur’s most popular spots. With harness cables, you can fly over 400m and to many other places.

Timings: 9AM-7PM

Price: INR 1,649 per person


Visit the Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur

This is the perfect place to discover your hidden talent. It is known for being the home of musicians, artists, drama lovers, actors, and other creative people. People of different talents come together to share their talents with others.

The place is open to all artists. You can also enjoy beautiful works of these artists at the place through workshops, festivals, fairs, and other events.

Timings: 9:00 AM-6:30PM

Entry fee waived


Elephant Polo

You may have heard of elephant polo. This is a popular activity in Jaipur that attracts many people to try it. This is a great activity to do with friends or loved ones.

You will never forget riding on giant elephants or playing polo. This fun activity is available at Dera Amer.

Timings: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Price: INR 2000 per person

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