All you yogis and meditation gurus have dreamed of Rishikesh as a contemplative retreat for quite some time. Rishikesh hostels is located on the Ganges River and its importance cannot be matched by Varanasi. Varanasi cannot match the natural beauty and hiking of Rishikesh.

Are you looking to open your third eye and allow your chakra to flow? You might be passing by and just want to take in the hippie enclave.

Will need a hostel that caters to your needs, depending on the reason you’re in Rishikesh. You will find a hostel that can accommodate your needs, whether you’re looking for a place to meditate or yoga.

Relax and find peace. We did all of the work so that you could find the best hostels this side the Ganges.

You’ll be rolling out your yoga mats soon! Before you know it, you’ll be singing “Om” in Rishikesh! A hike along the Neergarh Waterfall in the morning, rafting down River Ganga, which sends your adrenaline pumping, and taking in the peaceful sunset all day. This is how you would spend your days in Rishikesh. It’s a feeling that is both calming and energizing, but also keeps your heart beating at a rapid pace. You must also find exceptional accommodations to match these extraordinary days. You should also consider Rishikesh’s extraordinary hostels, which are hippie, unconventional, and very affordable.

These are the top Rishikesh hostels. 

You might be compelled to visit this hub in Uttarakhand to have a memorable stay.


Zostel Rishikesh – For the hippie in all of us

Zostel Rishikesh has everything quirky! This is the opinion of someone who has stayed at Zostel Rishikesh. You can wander through the walls-painted corridors of Zostel and meet strangers from all over the world in the reading room. Or you can play with the adoptable doggos or have a good time on the terrace. There are also yoga classes, Bollywood dance classes, table-tennis and board games.

Bunk Stay Rishikesh – For stunning terrace views

Bunk Stay is all about stunning views at Rishikesh’s Bunk Stay hostel. You will want to spend your time on the hostel’s terrace taking in the stunning views of Rishikesh. The atmosphere is so tranquil that you can hear the temple bells ringing. It is a stunning sight to see the Ganga river, Laxman Jhula and Trimbakeshwar Temple from Bunk Stay.


Hostel for Free: To do what the name implies

The hippie hub of Rishikesh is Live Free Hostel. Either you can gather around a bonfire to listen to cool music from your hostel-mates, or you could just enjoy a game of pool. You should not miss the morning yoga sessions on the terrace. Live Free Hostel is renowned for its relaxing evenings, which can be spent in a hammock or playing chess.


The Hosteller Rishikesh – A pool, a cafe and the gushing Ganges are all available at the Hosteller Rishikesh

Which hostel could offer you a swimming pool, a cafe and dorm rooms at the most affordable price? This is what you will find at The Hosteller Rishikesh. This hostel is also the closest to the main attractions of Rishikesh. It is so close to the Ganges that you can hear it from The Hosteller’s balcony.


For a peaceful stay, check out Into the Unknown Hostel

Into The Unknown, a Rishikesh hostel is hidden in the greenery. This hostel is the perfect place to spend your time peacefully in town. The hostel’s reception and reading area are the best. You can meet people from all over the globe, make new friends, listen to live music and play board games.


Moustache Hostel Rishikesh – For its simplicity

The Moustache Hostel in Rishikesh is a breather of fresh air. This hostel is simple and elegant. You will feel refreshed in every area of the hostel, including the terrace, cafeteria, reception, and TV room with beanbags. While sipping hot coffee, you can join the jamming sessions or simply enjoy the stunning views of Rishikesh from your terrace. Its beauty is enhanced by the occasional pop of color on the Moustache Rishikesh wall.


These, along with RAAHI The Travellers Nest and the Hashtag Hostel, make Rishikesh a great place to stay. What are you waiting to do? You can book one of these hostels and start exploring Rishikesh.

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