QuickBooks Display Issues Reasons and Troubleshooting Methods

QuickBooks Display Issues: Reasons and Troubleshooting Methods

QuickBooks is an extensive application that provides multiple features to the user to ease their hectic accounting work. But all these features will have no value if the display is distorted. It can be due to a type of error in the QuickBooks application.

The QuickBooks display issues may occur due to many reasons leading to unexpected and unnecessary delays in the tasks. Here, we will illustrate the reasons and solutions to QuickBooks display issues error. However, if you still need any help regarding QuickBooks, you can contact our team for assistance. 

 Identifying QuickBooks Display Error

A QuickBooks display error can be anything that stops you from communicating with the QuickBooks desktop. Let’s look at what will happen when QuickBooks display issues arise.

  1. Missing buttons: Certain buttons and links go missing whenever there are QuickBooks display issues.
  2. Distorted display: The screen gets distorted when you try to maximize or minimize it.
  3. Blank homepage: The Homepage displays nothing and appears blank when you try to move the cursor.
  4. Ill-fitting: The transaction form doesn’t fit the screen when you try to access it, indicating issues in the QuickBooks display.
  5. Truncated paid status: The paid status appears cut short when the display is having issues.
  6. Icon deletion: The sizing icon doesn’t appear at the top right corner.
  7. Higher DPI: QuickBooks is coded in such a way that it is compatible to use with a DPI (Dots Per Inch) value lesser than 100% (96 DPI). Some system has a higher DPI value, more than 120%, hence QuickBooks display issues arise in the QuickBooks application.

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Troubleshooting Methods to Eliminate QuickBooks Application Display Issues

  • Adjusting display settings:Windows provides an option to manually change the display settings. If you observe the application on display is incorrect, you can change the DPI settings by following these steps:

Open the file location of the QuickBooks application and open ‘QuickBooks.exe’ file and click on ‘Properties’. In the ‘Compatibility’ settings checkmark the ‘Disable display scaling on high DPI’. Select ‘Apply’ and choose ‘OK’.

  • Change Windows DPI settings:In the windows settings, choose ‘Appearance and Personalization’ and select ‘Change Item Size Section’.Select custom scaling to 100% hit on OK. Select Apply and open QuickBooks to check if the error persists.
  • Change the View preference:View preference in QuickBooks chooses how the QuickBooks application will display on the user’s screen. If this setting is not proper then QuickBooks application display issues may arise. To avoid the error, follow these steps:

Select ‘Preferences’ in the Edit menu. Choose ‘Desktop view’ in the list, select the option of Desktop View and then hit the My Preferences tab.

In the View section, choose the ‘One Window’ option and hit OK.

  • Change the screen resolution settings:Select Advanced Display Settings, and choose the display you need to modify. Then, in the Resolution section, click on the screen resolution and change it to 1024×768 or higher and apply the changes.

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Wrapping Up

The article mentioned above will hopefully help you understand the reasons behind the QuickBooks display issues and how you can easily resolve them.

But even if you face any issue regarding the QuickBooks display or any other error, you can dial the +1-855-856-0042 and contact our support team.

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