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Best Places to See in Sweden

Sweden is a place that is tranquil, unspoiled, and full of incredible design. It also has some of the most beautiful landscapes and cities in the world. Abba and Ikea are the country’s two most famous residents. The country is also home to Volvo and endless deep green forests.

It boasts crystal-clear lakes and snow-capped peaks. There are hundreds of thousands of islands and the Northern Lights. These dreamy Nordic countries are what draw me in and hold my heart. Here are my top and most beautiful places in Sweden…

Old Town, Stockholm

The original city center of Stockholm is the beautiful Old Town (also known as the Gamla Stan). The town dates back to the 13th century and is comprised of cobblestone streets and archaic architecture. It’s hard to believe that the Old Town was once a slum, but it’s one of the most sought-after addresses in the city.

The Old Town of Stockholm is bustling today. It’s home to charming cafes, great restaurants, boutique shops, tourist shops, and art galleries. The Nobel Prize Museum, Post Museum, and the Royal Coin Cabinet are just a few of the museums found in this area. Stortorget, which is the central square of Old Town, contains the Stockholm Cathedral and Riddarholm Church as well as the Royal Chapel (Storkyrkan), and the beautiful, baroque-style Royal Palace, (Kungliga Slott).

The popular 15cm tall, but tiny, sculpture Jarnpojke (or Iron Boy) is located close to the Stockholm Palace. It is believed that the sculpture will bring good luck to those who touch it or give small gifts to him.


Kinnekulle is an ancient flat mountain plateau located south of Lake Vanern. The forest floor is covered with visitors and ramslok, which are wild onions that begin to flower in spring.

You will find beautiful nature and the ruins of medieval churches along the mountain slope. This area is especially popular in spring in Sweden. You can also visit Kinnekulle Stenbrott an old stone quarry. This beautiful limestone quarry is 40m deep and is now in disuse.


Many tourist attractions in Sweden are located in Gothenburg. Slottsskogen is one of the many parks and nature reserves in this beautiful, green city. This is a free, open zoo on 340 acres that allows visitors to spot penguins, harbor seals, and horses.

Gothenburg is the second-largest city in Sweden and hosts various music festivals each year. Gothenburg offers everything you need to keep you entertained, whether it’s museums, festivals, fairs, entertainment, music, leisure & entertainment, or sports. Gothenburg’s most popular attractions include Gota alv, Elfsborg Fortress, and Poseidon at Gotaplatsen.


Skansen, which includes more than 150 buildings, including churches, homes, and shops, was transported from different parts of Sweden to create a mini-history of Sweden. This is the home of the first open-air museum in the world. It houses native animals such as bears, wolves, and seals. You can also find mini-workshops for pottery and glass. This place has many activities that will please you and your family.

In order to travel to Sweden and see all these beautiful places, you will have to follow new travel regulations. Click here to get more information.

Ice Hotel Jukkasjärvi

If you’ve been to Sweden for a while, chances are you know about the amazing and varied array of ice hotels found in Sweden. You won’t find a better experience than staying in one of these hotels anywhere else on the planet.

Jukkasjarvi’s Ice Hotel is one example of such a model hotel made entirely out of ice. If you’re wondering how you can withstand the cold, there are ways to ensure your health. Ice Hotel is extremely popular so book early.


Uppsala, located north of Stockholm is a vibrant university town that is well-known for its historical academic significance. It is also one of the most popular places in Sweden. Uppsala often called the Cambridge of Sweden is a fascinating town full of modern academic innovation as well as incredible historical beauty.

Uppsala University was founded in the 15th Century. It is Sweden’s oldest university. The library houses the 6th-century Silver Bible. It is one of the most important and extensive Gothic codices in the world. Other major attractions include Uppsala Cathedral and Uppsala Castle, its royal grounds, Uppsala Art Museum House of Peace, and Vasaborgen. Hammarby is home to 40 Linnaean plants, a Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus. Uppsala is a great place to go back in time to the Iron Age or the Viking Era.

Final Thoughts

Sweden is more than a tourist destination. This beautiful country is breathtaking in every corner. You will need to spend a lot of time there so you can see it all. If you’re planning to visit this country solo or with your family, be sure to include these places on your bucket lists.

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