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What are the best historical sites to see in Rome?

Rome has always been a center of power and influence. For centuries, it was an important city in Europe with an influential culture that shaped many other countries’ cultures too. Even today, Rome remains as one of the most popular tourist destinations for people from all over the world. With so many sights and attractions to see, Rome is definitely a worthwhile destination

But what’s an even greater incentive to visit Rome? It’s the food. The cuisine in Rome is unique and delicious, and chefs are known for reinventing classic Italian dishes into new takes on old favorites. There are some historic foods that you will find while traveling in Rome.


“The Forum” Must see in Rome

The Forum is one of the most famous sites in Rome’s modern capital. It was the epicenter of Roman political, judicial and cultural life. Forum was the setting for trials, political debates and speeches, as well as entertainment such as gladiatorial fighting. The Forum is undoubtedly the most significant and historic government building of all time.

When visiting the Forum in Rome, make sure to dress appropriately. The city is known for its fashion and everyone is dressed up so it’s best to follow the trend. Ladies should dress in comfortable yet stylish shoes and bring a light sweater. Men should avoid wearing shorts or sandals.


The Colosseum in Rome

The Colosseum is the most iconic structure in the city and its symbol. It was built by Emperor Vespasian between 72-80 A.D. It is the most important and largest amphitheater ever built. This amphitheater was also the center of entertainment in Ancient Rome, alongside Circus Maximus. It had a capacity of around 80,000. It was home to many entertainment forms, including bloodthirsty ones. There were gladiatorial combats, animal hunts, mock wars, and, most shockingly, public executions. The Colosseum offers a fascinating insight into Ancient Roman culture.  It also serves as an important historical and cultural document.

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The Pantheon

The Pantheon, one of Rome’s most famous and well-preserved buildings, was built between 113 & 125 AD. It is one of the most important architectural achievements in Ancient Rome, with its largest concrete domes unreinforced. The Pantheon has been used continuously since its construction, which is unusual for many Roman buildings. The Pantheon was originally a Hellenic temple. Although it was unique in its design, it has been the model for many works of Neoclassical Architecture in the modern era.

Pantheon is a temple and an archaeological site in Rome, Italy. The main building is a rectangular porch supported by columns on all four sides with an interior that includes three sections:

  • the pronaos (the area in front of the porch)
  • the naos (the cella)
  • the opisthodomos (back of the cella)

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Merida Theatre

The Roman Theatre of Merida, which dates back to 15 BCE, is the most significant Roman historical site in modern-day Spain. Vispanius Agrippa is an important Roman statesman.  The Theatre was an important cultural center in the city but it fell into decline with the fall of the Empire in Late Antiquity.  It is still the most visited tourist attraction in Merida and the longest-lasting physical legacy of Spain’s Roman Empire.

All the places are must-see if you want to say that you have somehow touched the heart of Italy’s history. It doesn’t end here though, There is a lot more to do while traveling to Italy as it’s one of the most historical places nowadays.

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