The Art OF Mix And Match For Guys

The Art OF Mix And Match For Guys

Updating your wardrobe becomes easier if you can establish a solid foundation of basic casual attire that is easy to mix and match. You may be creative with the fundamentals or stick to the fundamentals. Allow us to help you nail informal essentials.

Suits and professional clothing are not featured in this informal basic clothing guide again for modern men. This is a casual basic wardrobe guide for the modern man; suits and business attire are not included. It’s only a case of putting the clothes together once you’ve picked on your favourite new trending shirts for men and trouser styles (or sizes). Here’s quick advice on the art of mix and match patterns for guys.

How To Mix And Match Patterns?

1. Avoid Similar Patterns Too Close

This implies there will be no patterns of the same size or type unless it’s co ord shirts for men that is supposed to be in the same pattern. You don’t really want two paisleys next to each other, nor do you want a dark suit with a chalk shirt and a striped polo necktie. It just seems too matchy-matchy, as though you’re trying way too hard, and it might induce the above-mentioned “moving patterns” optical illusion. Try pairing your pinstripe suit with such a chambray shirt and a striped necktie instead.

It is, however, totally acceptable to wear designs of the same kind but DIFFERENT sizes close to each other. Wearing a pinstriped suit with a Bengal stripe shirt, for example, works because the thickness of the lines is so varied.

2. Mix & Match Matels

It’s the same situation. If feasible, you wish your watch, belt buckle, and other metal components to match. Consider the thing you like wearing the most. If it’s a certain watch, notice the colour and try purchasing a watch strap buckle.

Silver complements silver, while gold complements gold (or even copper if there is no discernible difference). However, this is only a GUIDE. There are a few exceptions. Your wedding band may be gold, but you look great in silver. Perhaps your father left you a silver watch.

So don’t even consider replacing treasured objects! Since contrasting metals are small issues.

3. Use Your Instinct

Do you know? Colour Profiles are simply sets of colors that appear frequently together. Just as distinct taste combinations may be found in meals from a specific cuisine.

Take another look at the image above. Can you search for clothes with comparable color combinations and patterns? See how often you can cluster together in a few seconds.

4. Play With Colours

The entire notion of mix and match colours to create diverse combinations centres around the proper use of colours. The traditional suit does not give much space for colour experimentation and is a simple option out for those who do not enjoy colour experimentation, but wearing pieces is not as straightforward as wearing a two-piece suit.

To begin, you should avoid using colours that are too close to one other. For example, you should avoid using blue with another hue of lighter blue. Around the same time, you must avoid moving to the opposite extremes of the colour spectrum since, although too many colours in a combo will make you stand out, too few will.

Wrapping Up: It’s all half the fun to pair, mix and match. Remember, there’s nothing improper with making an error… It just indicates you’re trying. Now, go play!


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