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Healthcare marketing: tips and limits

In light of the current scenario, medical and healthcare marketing is one of those in which there is a constantly increasing demand and a situation of general growth. In particular, private healthcare has made great strides in the last ten years with its Healthcare Marketing. This is certified by the data provided directly by the Ministry of Health in the directories published on its website.

The growth was not only numerical but also concerned with the quality and quantity of the services offered, often also due to the inefficiencies of the public sector and the decidedly long waiting times for certain healthcare services. Thus giving life to the so-called Medical Marketing.

How to promote yourself correctly: Healthcare Marketing strategies

As in other sectors, also in Healthcare Marketing, it is necessary to implement a system that allows the individual structure to attract the attention of potential customers to itself, prevailing over its competitors.

The primary objective of Healthcare Marketing strategies is often to make themselves known and the different disciplines and medical specialties treated, the professionals who deal with them, and the therapeutic methods used to increase the number of reservations in the structure.

To do this, we will use three practical cases.

What requirements are needed for medical sites?

This procedure activates a subsequent phase of control by the Order. Complete with final approval of the site before going online.

Healthcare marketing and residences for the elderly

The same requirements also apply to facilities that do not provide specific medical SEO services but guarantee a continuous service intended for a particular type of user. This is the case in which healthcare and medical assistance are widespread and varied.

Of the Services. Furthermore, only for healthcare personnel (doctors and nurses), it is necessary to report:

Takes his place.

Medical communication: remarketing and retargeting

The only sections exempt from regulatory imposition are the blog and the download of downloadable material, for which it is possible to show advertisements (lookalike audiences) in display format through Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads for private clinics: a practical example

For the Medical Centers, the network of specialist outpatient clinics, and the Groups, we have developed a Healthcare Marketing Agency to increase the brand’s visibility, the services offered, and its location’s online bookings.

  • Publish nude images, raw scenes, or scenes that in any case may offend the user’s sensitivity;
  • Contain false and misleading health claims;
  • Use terminologies within sponsored advertisements that refer to personal characteristics such as physical and mental health.

Entry on the site by the sponsored announcement.

Promotion of medical devices

Let’s deepen, once again, the topic through a case history of our house.

Pillows with magnetic therapy: how to promote them on the Web?

In particular:

    • On YouTube, the official video must contain only the graphic representation of the product as a thumbnail image.

Healthcare Marketing: a mountain to climb or a stimulus?

As you surely understand, proper marketing strategy in the health and medical sector requires skills related to effective communication of services or products, precise knowledge of the legal discipline, and a good dose of patience.

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