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How to Work on Citations of dissertation That is Rejected?


Citations of dissertation are essential for adding credibility to your research and avoiding plagiarism. Many students fail to provide proper citations of dissertation, which leads to dissertation rejection. Citations have a proper format and require compliance with the standard academic formats. Dissertations that do not contain proper citations get rejected because of the high similarity index. Yes, Turnitin detects plagiarism if the citations of dissertation are not proper. Even though your intention was not to plagiarise, Turnitin identifies it as plagiarised if the citations are not correct. It is a common mistake that leads to dissertation rejection. But how can you correct citations of the dissertation? This article on Posting Panel will answer your queries and tell you how you can work on citations of dissertation.

What are the common citation mistakes?

First, it is important to identify the common mistakes students make while citing sources. Improper citations of dissertation can occur due to many reasons. First, researchers unfamiliar with citation formats are bound to commit mistakes. Every university department provides guidelines on the referencing style. The standard referencing styles are the following:

  • APA Format
  • MLA
  • Harvard
  • Chicago and Turabian

The citation, as mentioned above, styles have different formats. The choice of these formats depends upon the dissertation type and discipline. Here are some common mistakes stated by dissertation writing services provider company which students commit in citations of dissertation.

1. Missing References

Some people provide the in-text citation and forget to provide a reference in the bibliography section. However, citations of dissertation must have references in the bibliography section.

2. No Alphabetical Order

The second common mistake students make is that they do not provide the references in alphabetical order. Every citation format requires listing down the references in an alphabetical format.

3. False Citations

False citation occurs when you cite sources incorrectly and provide credit to a source you did not even review. For example, if you acquired an idea from a source acquired by the author from another source, you will have to cite the source. But many people do not bother to check the source. Also, to increase the citation count in the dissertation, many students provide false citations of an idea they obtained from one source and do not provide the original credentials.

4. Missing Page Number

One of the common mistakes students make in dissertation citations is that they do not provide the proper page numbers. There is a reason for providing page numbers so the reader can look up the source and go exactly to the page referred to in the citation. When quoting someone’s ideas, it is important to provide the exact page numbers. Furthermore, providing the page range in the references section is important if you are paraphrasing.

5. Missing Volume Number and Issue Number

Citation mistakes also occur when you do not provide the volume and issue numbers. Every journal article has a volume and issue number. But if you do not provide the volume and citation number, it leads to dissertation rejection.

6. No DOI Links and URL Links

Online articles that are available in open access journals have a URL link. Many students do not provide the link and the date of access. DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier. Also, every journal article has a DOI for a reason. It helps researchers find the sources by inserting the DOI in the databases.

7. Using untrustworthy sources or irrelevant sources

Students who provide the citations of untrustworthy sources such as websites and Wikipedia fail their dissertations. It is because these sources are not credible. Moreover, students also use outside sources that have no connection with the investigated topic.

8. Using One citation too many times

Another common mistake that students make while providing the dissertation’s citations is repeatedly using one citation. Using one citation to cite every idea in the paragraph acquired from one source results in plagiarism.

How can you correct the citations of the dissertation?

Now that we have identified the common mistakes that students make in citations of the dissertation let us walk you through the steps you can take to correct them. The manual way of providing citations is time-consuming and often results in mistakes. Technology has led to the creation of many citation tools that make referencing easier. You can correct the citation mistakes by doing the following things:

1. Identify the Highlighted Citation Mistakes

First, you must identify the citation mistakes identified by your supervisor through Turnitin. However, you will have the report with the highlighted parts to help you. Create a separate document and copy all of the rejected citations.

2. Use a Reference Generator

Reference generators make your job easier, and you can create citations automatically. Here are the two best tools that can help you work on citations of dissertation.

  • Mendeley

One of the best reference tools is Mendeley. Mendeley is an excellent tool to install on your computer and add plugins and extensions for MS Word and Chrome. Mendeley picks up the citations from online sources such as Open Access Journals and credible websites and creates references. You will have to select the option of referencing style according to the guidelines. Mendeley will create the references, and you can insert them into the document using the MS Word Plugin.

  • MyBib

MyBib is an online referencing tool that is very convenient to use. You can use it to correct citation and referencing mistakes. You can go to the website and log in with your credentials. It is entirely free to use. You can choose the citation format such as APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago. Once you select that, go to the add citation format and select the type of citation you want to insert—for example, books, journals, articles, websites, reports, dissertations, etc.

You can copy the DOI or the source link, and MyBib will generate the reference. Sometimes the referencing tools are unable to fetch the volume and issue number. However, you must visit the source and find the relevant details. Insert them in the information section and generate the citation. Copy the citation and insert it into the document. You can download or import all citation references to your dissertation through MyBib.


You can work on dissertation citations by identifying the above-mentioned common mistakes in your dissertation. Also, you can correct them using the reference generators. Make sure that you read the sources and provide their citations. Once you follow all the steps, your dissertation is good to go.

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