Branding Essentials

5 Branding Essentials that You Need to Keep on Your Fingertips

Branding a business without having any clue about how to go about it is one big mistake that your brand would make with nowhere to go and decide about it. If you are starting a company and need some brand guide, you need to have a long list of things to ensure you are on the right track. More importantly, people often forget they are required to explain to their customers what they are all about. Brand guidelines are important to establish and maintain consistency all around the communication and touchpoints of the brand. Everyone who is a part of the brand guidelines or helps in building the brand would be glad to have a brand guideline. It includes everything that is important for branding.

However, only having a guide is not sufficient, you need to ensure it is complete and have maximum information about the brand so that anyone who needs to have any information about your brand can create a standardized look. Following are a few of the important things that you must include in your brand guide. It will not only help designers and marketers but will also help the people working on making content for the whole company.

1) Have a Mission Statement

Your mission statement is your plan, what your brand ultimately wants to achieve is something that should be written as your mission statement. Therefore, we recommend you get it from the best sources and work on it effectively. It is not something that you can think of in a day or two. You should have proper planning behind it and should reflect your brand and business as well.

Following are a few examples of the mission statement of some huge brands to give you an idea about how you should go about it.

a) Kickstart: To help bring creative projects to life.
b) LinkedIn: To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.

2) Logo

It goes without saying, every brand guideline should have some logo standards to explain how aesthetically the brand should look. It is important to establish some rules not only for the acceptable use of the logo but what is acceptable as well. It helps in including examples that avoid confusion and misinterpretation. The complete guidelines for the use of the logo must also include the rules for the clear space, placement ideas, proportion size and color, and everything else you must know.

3) Color Palette


One of the biggest mistakes that most marketers and the other brand managers make is they do not break down the colors while explaining the color palettes. Too often we see the guidelines that have either the color palette or the breakdown of everything. A complete and effective brand guideline should include everything to explain the brand through its colors to the customers. The overall printing may not be as important as it used to be however, it is still quite important for every brand to decide on the colors.

4) Typography

Logo Typography

Your font your typography is other important elements that should go on brand guidelines. The font size and font style are according to your color palette and your brand. You must think about all your brand and what it does and choose the set of fonts that shows your overall brand personality. Now coming to the point what fonts should you use. There is proper font psychology that you must use in order to determine your choices of the typefaces and how they would affect the perception of the user of your brand. However, it is okay to have more than one font for the brand.

5) Photography Style

Photography Style Logo

There are millions of images and pictures available online, right at your fingertips. You have to have an extensive range of images and photographs saved in your camera roll in order to get the exact result and everything you want. It is easy for people to select images that are not consistent with your brand. In order to minimize the risk, your guide should include examples of the image styles that support your brand and send the right message to the audience. People are often confused about the kind of photographs they should get for their brand, but it is important to have a standard beforehand.

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