Let’s Debunk Top Myths Related to Nanoparticles

Nanoparticles have been around for a long time but with rumors inundating the internet and people believing anything they read on the digital platform, there is no surprise why there are so many myths related to nanoparticles. 

Nanoparticles were discovered in the year 1959 and this means that it has been more than 64 years since their discovery but still, a big part of the population isn’t aware of what nanoparticles actually are and this might be the main reason why the myths related to nanoparticles are more prevailing. 

So, in this blog post, we are about to debunk the top myths related to nanoparticles in a detailed manner. 

It is still a futuristic technology 

Many people think that nanotechnology is still a futuristic technology that is still being researched and it will take many decades for its real implementation. But the fact is nanoparticles are already being used in a wide array of products and industries. 

One of the best examples of the use of nanoparticles is the textile industry where nanoparticles are being used in a wide array of fabrics as it helps in adding many new features to the specific fabric. So, nanoparticles are in high demand and it is being used in many industries for improving or adding properties. 

The production of nanoparticles is rocket science

Words like copper nanoparticles sound so scientific that many people think their production is a highly complicated process and it is possible only in those places that have high-tech production facilities.

But currently, nanoparticles are being produced in more than 62 countries and the number is expected to grow in the future. The current global leaders in terms of the production of nanoparticles are USA and China. With the demand for nanoparticles increasing with time, production is also expected to grow at a fast rate. 

It is never about a single tool 

It doesn’t matter which part of nanoparticles you are currently analyzing, things are expected to get fuzzier when you start working or researching at the nanoscale and the one thing that you have to keep in mind is the production of nanoparticles is never about a single tool. 

Every device used in the production of nanoparticles like the scanning tunneling microscope never stands alone and therefore, you need to have a better understanding of nanoparticle production tools to know the nanoscale better. 

It is dangerous 

Just because of the Hollywood movies and a couple of rumors on the internet, people have started to think that copper oxide nanoparticles are a dangerous technology and at some point in time, they will become out of control. 

Actually, nanoparticles have been around humans for longer than you have expected, and therefore, cautions is a smart way to deal with anything but it should never invoke fear, especially in the case of nanoparticles. 

It is a brand new field 

Even after being discovered almost 64 years ago, many people still think that copper oxide nanoparticles are still a new technology. The one thing that you should keep in mind while exploring the world of nanoparticles is the technology just marks a fork in the road between the new and old.

The ability to make nanoparticles has allowed scientists to achieve many big things while working on a very small infrastructure. 

Nanoparticles are one of the most revolutionary technologies that are currently being used on a grand scale and because of their increasing usage, it is expected to grow at a very fast rate. So, rather than being clouded by myths surrounding nanoparticles, you should be clear about their production, innovation, current state and future possibilities. 

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