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Platforms Giving Direct Competition To GoToWebinar in 2022

The Pandemic situation has made it impossible to conduct in-person meetings or presentations, and because of this, the popularity of webinars has reached great heights. 

   Many webinar platforms are already there in the market. GoToWebinar is one among them, and it has become a popular platform for hosting webinars due to its several features. GoToWebinar allows you to host hassle-free life and pre-recorded webinars. GoToWebinars offers features to retain the existing customers and with generating new leads. 

      Though different businesses have different opinions about this online platform. If you want to switch to another online platform, or you are a newcomer, you have landed on the right blog.

       As already mentioned above, there are tons of online event platforms in the market which provide similar solutions like GoToWebinar. In fact, they are more convenient to operate and are economical as well.


Here, in this blog, we will discuss different online conference platforms you can use instead of GoToWebinar. After analyzing the features of various online event platforms you can easily select the right platform for hosting your upcoming webinar.  


Mixhubb is one such online video conferencing that completely satisfies all your business communication requirements.

 Mixhubb is one of the leading online conferencing platforms, allowing you to host webinars that speak for themselves. Mixhubb offers you an easy setup to deliver webinars instantly.

Using this online event platform, users can create, ideate, and execute immersive webinars and events in no time. 

Mixhubb is a self-manageable online conference platform, allowing you to host 100% safe webinars. Mixhubb also gives you the recording option. 


Key features of Mixhubb  are as follows:


  • Mixhubb is a scalable platform where you can host webinars of any size.
  • With its robust data analytics, Mixhubb allows the user to get insight into the webinar. The performance of the webinar can also be analyzed using this feature.
  • Design your registration and landing page of the event in your style, Mixhubb lets you customize the colors, graphics, and content of the webinar.
  • Scheduling webinars is no more a headache now; with Mixhubb you can schedule a series of notifications via email. 
  • Powerful Backstage of Mixhubb enables you to coordinate with speakers of the sessions. It makes activities like last-minute checks very smooth. 
  • Mixhubb has many powerful engagement features for team-building activities to improve communication among the team.



If you want to host a webinar, especially for marketing and selling purposes, then Livestorm is for you. It also serves the purpose of communication among the members of a team. This online conference platform also comes with a free plan. Hosting a webinar on Livestorm is a quick and easy process.


Its intuitive UI allows you to host webinars with some clicks only. Users can send the link to attendees so that attendees can quickly join the webinar from their browser. 


Key features of Livestorm are as follows:

    • Livestorm allows you to host live, on-demand, and recorded webinars.
  • Using the Livestorm Scheduling feature , you can schedule your meetings and conferences .

  • Livestorm provides engagement features like chats, polls, questions, screen sharing, etc. 



Webinars of any kind- live, recorded, or on-demand, you can conveniently host them on Demio. Demio offers you powerful visuals to make your online environment more immersive.


Key features of Demio are as follows:

  • It is a multi-browser device, just with a few clicks you can attend the webinar from anywhere at any time. 
  • Demio offers you a feature of data analytics, using which you can analyze performance webinars. Also, you can monitor the attendees. 
  • Demio integrates with many marketing tools and apps so that it can improve your productivity.



It is one of the premier online platforms that allow you to host webinars with an unforgettable experience. WebinarJam offers you features using which you can quickly sell your products and services to your audiences.


Key features of WebinarJam are as follows:

  • Users can live-stream directly to Youtube.
  • WebinarJam allows users to set pop-up ads during the live webinar attendees can instantly purchase the product.
  • If you are facing any technical problem during the webinar, WebinarJam lets you move to another room with just a click.
  • WebinarJam gives independence to the host to pull the attendee on the stage to have one-to-one interaction.


Zoho Meeting:

For those teams who are working remotely, Zoho Meeting can be their best option for holding webinars. This is one platform for all your virtual event requirements. It can be accessed directly from any browser. It also lets you customize the registration form and email invitation. You can also mention the name of your brand and can put your logo in the email.


Key features of Zoho Meeting are as follows:

  • It allows users to share their screens while interacting with each other.
  • Zoho Meeting allows 10 visible videos feed for the webinars.
  • It offers you no cut-off time for your online conferences or webinars, even on the free plan.
  • It provides robust security for webinars.



This online conference platform delivers on-demand webinars. Using EverWebinar’s on-demand webinars services attendees of different time zones can attend the webinar according to their convenience. This online platform is a popular for its automated webinars features, with powerful automation features


Key features of EverWebinar are as follows:

  • It imports videos directly from WebinarJam to its site and those videos are saved and be used later according to the requirement.
  •  It allows users to have live chat even if there is no live webinar running.
  • It also allows the users to set up a webinar within a few minutes.


As you can find above each online event platform or webinar platform serves a different audience. We hope the above-stated information will serve your purpose of looking for the right platform for webinars.

      Whatever is your requirement,  you can easily select the platform accordingly.

If you are fed up with GoToWebinar, you have many other options mentioned above  So don’t wait anymore. Go and try your hands on one of the above-mentioned online platforms.


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