Grow Their Social Media Followers

As a Non-Profit Organisation (NGO), are you struggling to attract new followers, convert visitors to your profile into followers, or retain those who are already loyal?

Awareness and visibility are essential to the development of the Non-Profit Organisation (NGO). It is necessary to be prominent among the targeted public. This is the case for grant-funding organizations, corporations, as well as all members of the public. The more people learn about the work in the field, the more funding the buy facebook likes uk will receive to make a more significant impact.

Here are some steps to increase your following base:

Visual content

Visual is a high-performance tool on social media. Adding a video or adorable video to your post could increase the number of engagements. The viewers may be enticed to love the photo or video, share their thoughts in comments, or even share the post with their friends. According to research, people are three times more likely to interact with tweets that contain photos or videos.

When uploading videos, be sure that they’re optimized and of high quality. It will draw viewers’ attention when they scroll through the millions of posts. A rise in the number of people who engage or click on your posts means more exposure for your organization and the mission it is pursuing.

Hosts interactive campaigns

Interactive content requires viewers to engage in more than just reading or watching. They can be asked to leave comments on their friends’ posts, tag them, or request them to share to increase their audience. Interactive content includes:

  • Twitter polls
  • Q&A sessions on Instagram
  • A survey
  • Nominating peers to be nominated for Awards
  • Contests that require participants to share, like, or comment on their thoughts to win prizes.

This does not increase your post’s engagement and encourages people to follow you and those who have been following you for a while to keep them.

Responding to the audience

Your followers are more likely to reply to the posts you post via posts or messages directly to them. They might wish to voice their opinions or answer any questions they might have. If you fail to answer these questions, they might be disappointed. When you respond to their messages is equally important. The study found that most Facebook users expect to respond within 6 hours to keep them on the lookout for updates.

If they feel valued and respected, they develop a faithful audience.

Paid promotional offers

Many non-profits do not have budgets for social marketing via media. However, every once in a while, it is necessary to advertise videos, posts, or other content to be seen by a unique audience. Utilizing paid promotion allows your content to be available to a broad group of people and convince people to help you achieve your goals.

In addition to requesting volunteers for your organization, paying promotions can help get the word out quicker. Filters let you target perfect candidates based on characteristics, behaviors, and demographics followerspro.

To ensure that promotions are cost-effective, NGOs can design bi-monthly or monthly promotions and devise strategies to make them more cost-effective.


Regularly updating your social media is essential to maintain the interest of your target audience. Sharing news, stories of impact, or even resharing an organization’s work is a great way to keep your followers interested.

In doing this, ensure the use of hashtags in various ways and other relevant keywords. You may also tag famous profiles or those related to the project to ensure that your post is shared with a broader audience in the community.

However, many social media administrators struggle to find time to post regularly. With the help of social media tools, postings can be scheduled for the day prior or week. This helps save time and lets you create posts for the next week or day.


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