What Makes A Building A High-Performance Building?

Have you ever heard of high-performance buildings? Of course, yes! But do you know the meaning of high-performance building? Is it a highly LEED-certified building with energy-efficient and water-efficient features? Does it have features with high marks from occupants for living beings’ comforts? Are they highly automated and integrated buildings that convert huge data into big efficiency profits with smart analytics? Yes, these are some interesting things about a high-performance building. The key to a high-performance building is to optimize and integrate all things, whether it is fire safety, fan speed, or lighting/landscaping efficiency.

When it comes to a high-performance building, it means that you need to think on a micro and macro level about how it interacts and how building inhabitants interact with those systems.

How to design a building as high-performance?

When you are going to develop a high-performance building, it is important to have a High performance building certification from a recognized organization. With this certification, it means that your building is said to have all those features, which are needed in a high-performance building. The term ‘high-performance building’ is essentially an umbrella term, which covers a variety of existing standards. This is how it is beneficial to think of it as a replacement for the term ‘green building’ designation. While designing an HPE building, it is important to meet the requirements of many standards. Such buildings are measured from many angles. With such measurements, it needs to be ensured how well it is optimized for occupant comfort, energy efficiency, and overall sustainability.

What are the applicable standards?

There are different standards used to determine whether or not a particular building can be considered an HPB. With different standards, performance is measured within a preset area of focus and this is how a building is given a certification to proceed. HPB buildings are generally certified under the following standards:

 LEED: It is Leadership and Energy and Environmental Design, which is the globally-recognized standard to get green building certification. It gives a framework, which is used to measure cost-efficient and healthy environments of indoor places. The best part is that it has a number of certifications. This is why almost any building can meet the requirements of this standard.

Green Globes Certification: It is designed to help existing building owners via customized environment strategies. They focus on decreasing operating costs, enhancing the eligibility for tax incentives, and enticing tenants. This program is designed by the Green Building Initiative. It is known as the Green Globes Certification program.

 WELL Building Standard: It is another standard that is used to measure the high-performance building. The major goal of this standard is to aim at the health and wellness of inhabitants living in a building. With this standard, the performance of the building is measured in different areas like water purity, air quality, light quality, occupant comfort, availability of fitness facilities, and emotional or mental health.

Living Building Challenge: This program helps to develop a sustainable design framework. It focuses on factors like the self-sufficiency of resources. It also emphasizes a regenerative focus, which connects inhabitants to air, nature, food, light, and community.

The future of the high-performance building has taken a positive approach. As it involves shifting to energy-efficient and environmentally-sustainable building tasks, it is going to increase day by day. It is all about replacing green buildings as a way to find out those buildings, which include these best practices.

Qualifying for a high-performance building certification

To get qualified for any certification, there is a specific procedure to be followed. There are many organizations, which support building owners getting any of these certifications. Green Building Initiative is one of them, which is held responsible to give HBDP certification. They focus on decreasing climate impacts by enhancing the built environment. There are different rules and regulations to be followed according to the type of building you want to get certified for. Whether you have existing single or multifamily buildings or want to build new construction for a single or multifamily, they can help you with the right procedures to go through. You must also check out the costs of getting this certification. Visit online and get more detailed information.

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