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Top Content Types to Include in your Marketing Calendar

If you plan the content calendar for the upcoming month, you might want to include different content marketing types to make it enjoyable. Most content marketing services in India offer a wide range of content marketing solutions that can improve the outcomes. Here we will take you through some of the essential inclusions for your marketing calendar and how they can increase the scope for conversions.

• Blogs: These are the most commonly used content type that is part of every calendar. You can write sales-driven, conversion-worthy content or work on educational content. The idea of writing blogs is to help the users gain a better understanding of the business. This content type also helps improve the optimization outcomes. Adding the right keywords to your blog can improve the business’ ranking outcomes.

• Videos: If you want to improve engagement, get more reach and increase visibility, you should use a video content format. With the best videos that are in sync with your target market’s requirements, you will be able to create immersive experiences. Video content can educate, promote and market your brand with ease. By incorporating the latest trends, such as AR and VR, you can improve the experience with your videos. From tutorials to promotional material, you can produce varied content types.

• Infographics: If you still want textual content but want to improve its engagement with visuals, you should go with an infographic. These at-a-glance content types can help increase understanding of the business and its offering. Infographic is a more cost-efficient way of developing the content with the correct text. You can use infographics to showcase the data. Repurposing your infographic into different content formats is straightforward to maximize engagement.

• Case Studies: It is essential to showcase your portfolio and understand what your team is capable of. That’s where case studies can help. You can showcase the reason you developed the particular product, how you went about it, and some of the use cases. It will also help showcase your expertise in different industries such as retail and healthcare. The case studies can improve overall health.

• eBooks: long-form content can help you improve visibility and lead generation. You must set up the proper forms to get people to download the ebooks. That’s where you will get the necessary information from your target market. Find out some of the issues your target market is facing and answer those issues with your ebook. It will help you sell better and improve the availability of leads.

• Checklists: writing checklists can help you solve issues facing people in the target market. For instance, if you are a travel website, you might want to address a road trip checklist so that people would know how to go prepared. If you are a baby website, you can help the customers with how to travel with a six-month-old baby.

• Reviews: This is important for businesses looking to acquire new customers. These reviews can help the target audience know how you fare in the field and improve your chances of getting more conversions.

You can even include user generated content, eguides and whitepapers to your content marketing calendar. It is important to choose the suitable content marketing services in India to enhance your marketing outcomes.

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