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Importance of Salah in Muslim’s life

Every Muslim should know how important salah is and must do it five times a day, regardless of gender, race, or social status. People worldwide do salah differently based on their religions, but they all have the same goal: to worship Allah Almighty and fulfill their duties as Muslims.

But some Muslims also don’t know how important salah is, and it’s the job of the Quran teacher to remind them. As a Muslim, you will be able to live your life to the fullest once you know how important prayer is and how it affects your daily life and well-being.

Meaning of Salah:

Salah is the second most important part of Islam after the Shahadah. It is the act of praying to Allah, the most powerful God. Salah means “prayer” or “supplication” in Arabic, and most people think of it as a way to worship Allah Almighty. This way of worship is mentioned in many places in the Holy Qur’an.

The Islamic Shari’ah says that Salah is a set of specific things to say and do, starting with the Takbir. I gave it this name because it has a prayer, which is another word for asking. Salah is a specific duty that must do five times daily and night. It is a basic and well-known act of worship in Islamic law, so anyone who doesn’t believe in it will be called a Kafir. The five prayers that Muslims say every day we’re given to Prophet Muhammad as a gift from Allah Almighty. This shows how important Salah is and why we should do it.

A quick look at Salah’s past:

Salah has been important since the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when it was the first act of worship that Muslims were required to do. At that time, there was no other form of worship, which shows how important it was—three years before the Hijra made it a law in Makkah. If required all worship on earth, Allah would have sent the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to the heavens to pray Salah. It is sometimes called Mi’raj. During this night, the Prophet went to the heavens with Jibril (may Allah be pleased with him) and saw many amazing things there. He also went to a height that not even Jibril could reach.

During that talk, the Prophet (PBUH) got Salah as a special gift for himself and his people. Allah sent the Prophet there because He didn’t want prayer to be required on earth, which is dirty and full of wants. The two most important things about prayer are that it is the first part of worship and must be said to God. Mi’raj Day is how it shows how happy it is.

On the day after the Night Journey, the Prophet began to say the obligatory prayer.

The first prayer the Prophet had to do was the Zuhr prayer, led by the angel Jibreel (May Allah be pleased with him). So, the Zuhr prayer is called the first prayer because it is said first.

It is important to remember that the dawn prayer, called Fajr, was not the first prayer that the Prophet prayed. This is because the idea of prayer and the command to pray both need a statement about how to do it. They didn’t do this during the dawn prayer, and the person in charge of worship doesn’t have to do it before the prayer is said. After the statement, you must do it. This happened during the noon prayer when Jib reel (may Allah be pleased with him) taught the Prophet about this.

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