Web Application Security

What is Web Application Security & Why is it Important?

What is Web Application Security & Why is it Important?

Why is it important to follow the best web application security procedures? Let’s look at the numbers. According to IBM reports, the average cost of security breaches is $ 3.86 million. Their analysis of attack vectors shows that 16% of violations stem from the vulnerability of third-party software. Data from Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report shows that about two-fifths (39%) of data breaches are caused by web application corruption.

Over the years, web applications have become more complex. With the emergence of SaaS businesses, much data is in the cloud. Unlike the early days of the internet, portable servers are rarely common. In most cases, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud, Azure, etc. have replaced portable servers in many businesses because:

  • Cost less expensive to keep portable servers in the data center, too
  • They can use cloud servers to host their web applications easily and inexpensively.

What is Web Application Security?

A web program is a software program that works on your web server (meaning it is not limited to every machine, such as standard desktop software). App security includes everything related to protecting your web applications, services, and servers from cyber-attacks and threats.

Web 1.0 had basic web pages with layout-like features in the text. These were websites built in the early days of the web and had little or no contact with website visitors. At this stage, the security of web pages was not a major concern.

The rise of dynamic websites brought the emergence of Web 2.0. Powerful websites are about interacting with visitors, allowing them to add their own information or search within websites more easily. This is where the importance of web security really came in handy. If users were able to interact with the website and enter sensitive information – usernames, passwords, etc. not well prepared. This is the time when all the major threats such as SQL injection, XSS, and local file (LFI) attacks occur. You can take help from web application development services in USA to secure your web app.

Today, in the age of cloud computing, we are developing sophisticated web applications that can have digital copies of your entire life in one place. This makes web application security – both on the server-side and on the client-side – a necessity and not a luxury.

Why Have Strong Web Security Issues

Just as a store owner should not store multi-million dollar goods in his store until a security system is installed, no web application should exist without security measures in place to protect it. A few of the consequences of local web application insecurity include:

Loss of Customer Data

Quoting mathematician Clive Humby, “data is the new fuel.” Suppose your customers trust you with their data. This includes ensuring that you do not pose a risk to your web application.

For the latest example of what happens when companies do not keep their data secure, do not look far beyond Ford.  Ideally, having a well-structured customer management system would prevent this risk. Let’s hire web application development services in USA and save your customers data.

Loss of Income

Failure to take the necessary steps to monitor your web application may result in significant loss of service and downtime, resulting in loss of sales and revenue. Imagine an ecommerce store slowing down for hours due to data breaches – which could have a negative impact on their business. Insurance broker Hiscox has revealed that the robbery cost businesses an estimated $ 200,000.

Loss of Customer Trust

With data breaches, ransomware attacks, and web hacking that make headlines every day, customers are more aware of security. For customers, online security becomes one of the things they look for before sharing their personal information. Fraud can cause serious damage to a product’s image and customer trust, leading to business closure in some cases.

Compliance and Penalties

As a result of data breaches and confidentiality, the government is cracking down on companies that do not adhere to adequate safety standards. Do not escape from security risks that protect user privacy. Failure to take the security of the web application seriously could lead to problems of non-compliance.

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