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What are the guidelines for Rate My Professors Site?

Rate My Professors is the largest online resource for professor and college ratings, with content created by students for students. In fact, students can review about their professors, classes and, even for colleges on this Site. The site helps students to choose the best of the best professors for themselves.

In other words, RateMyProfessors.com is the best site to check review for professors because the reviews are given by students and are genuine as the student have to sign up on the site before giving review.

What are the guidelines for Rate My Professor Site?

Rate My Professor site provides the guidelines for both Students and Professors as well.

Guidelines for Students –
  • Be truthful in your evaluations. The site asks you participate in the same spirit as you want to be able to trust these ratings while considering your course alternatives.
  • It’s generally beneficial to offer both benefits and drawbacks when reviewing a class and/or lecturer. As a result, your peers will receive far more credible and helpful criticism.
  • The course and your learning experience should be the centre of your review. Do not make any remarks about a Professor’s appearance, attire, age, gender, or race.
  • Avoid relying on rumor. The student is only allowed to tell about your personal experience with the course and what you learned. Encourage others to submit their own reviews rather than speaking on their behalf.
  • Th site is not a discussion board. Reviews that mention another review by name will be removed. Rate My Professor  invite you to share your own personal experience if you disagree with someone else’s.
  • It can be understood that not all teachers are a good fit for each student’s learning style. Tell in the reviews why the course or professor wasn’t right for you in a way that will assist others in making their own decisions.
  • Anger-fueled reviews reflect poorly on the author and are subject to removal for infractions such as swearing. Take a step back to ensure that your review will truly assist others in understanding your experience.
    Ratings that do not contain substantive comments may be removed by Rate My Professors.
  • Per course, the site only allow one student to review a lecturer once. Spamming or dogpiling an account will result in the removal of comments and a temporary lock of the account on the site.
  • The site encourage you to use discernment when reading the reviews of your fellow students and to measure each one against the others. When making a decision that influences your academic future, one of the many resources you should use is online reviews.

So, keep a check on the above guidelines while giving reviews against any perofessor, about your classes, or about college.


Rate My professors is the best when comes on to check review of any professor because it has genuine reviews given by the students. Also, students should also have to follow the rules and guidelines given by the site  before giving any review. Because the one right review can make a big difference.


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